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What differentiates the Montessori method of learning from traditional instruction? sponsored by EBR...

Find out where children are learning responsibility, compassion for others and self-motivation along with the core subjects and college credit. [Sponsored by EBR Magnet Programs]

Preserving the school experience in a pandemic: The Dunham School leads by example...

While many schools and businesses are still struggling to recover, he Dunham School is actually growing. Find out how they do it. [Sponsored by The Dunham School]

Your future is in your hands: How to get the retirement you want

Find out how to retire on your own terms, before health plays a role in the decision-making process. [Sponsored by St. James Place]

Tech Tip of the Week, sponsored by CMA Technology Solutions: Security awareness training

Are your users equipped to spot a malicious email in their inbox? Each day, hackers are getting smarter and their phishing attempts appear to...

The future depends on it: Will your child be successful in an increasingly global...

Employers are increasingly seeking workers with knowledge of different languages and cultures. Find out how some Baton Rouge students will benefit from higher salaries and a wider range of opportunities thanks to a language immersion education. [Sponsored by EBRP Magnet Programs]

Leaning into discomfort: How inclusion fosters employee productivity

Find out how to get the inclusion part right and help your company benefit from fresh ideas, unique skills, higher employee engagement and productivity. [Sponsored by East Baton Rouge Parish Library]

You’ve earned it: How to fully enjoy the benefits of retirement

You’ve spent your life working hard to be able to retire, but how can you really make the most of it? Find out how two Baton Rouge retirees are reaping the rewards. [Sponsored by St. James Place]

5 signs your business has outgrown Quickbooks: And what to do next

Outgrowing QuickBooks is a sign that your business is flourishing. Find out which solutions would better supports your business’ current and future needs. [Sponsored by P&N]

Impactful philanthropy: 3 local organizations worthy of support this season

Baton Rouge has a number of worthwhile organizations that stretch your donations to help our community. Find out how three fantastic local organizations are utilizing your gifts. [Sponsored by b1BANK]

Congress focusing on small business in latest COVID-19 relief package

As congressional lawmakers look to pass an additional round of pandemic-related financial aid, they’re focusing on benefitting small businesses with fewer employees.  The focus on...