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Episode 1: Brad Ives

Season Two of Business Report's Strictly Business series with business leaders across the Capital Region premiers with LSU Institute for Energy Innovation Director Brad Ives. The January 2024 episode takes a deep dive into the energy transition and what it means for Louisiana. We explore groundbreaking research initiatives happening here, economic opportunities and workforce development initiatives. Founded in 2022, the LSU Institute for Energy Innovation coordinates...

season one

Episode 11: Stephen Toups

Few sectors are experiencing as much change as heavy industry and industrial construction. Digital transformation, AI, offsite modularization, navigating renewable energy, just to name a few. What’s the impact on the broader workforce right now? What are some common pitfalls leaders should avoid when leading through change? And what’s the best way to address and manage resistance within an organization? Turner Industries CEO Stephen Toups will shares those...

Episode 10: Jeff Koonce

What are the biggest challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs in Louisiana Given the current economic climate, what strategies might CEOs and executives consider prioritizing to ensure growth and sustainability? And what factors should be taken into account when evaluating potential investment opportunities? Jeff Koonce will share those insights and more on the November episode of Strictly Business. https://youtu.be/FuCDVP4i8LE

Episode 9: Craig Greene

What key principles of leadership are essential when navigating a crisis situation? How do you manage the stress and emotional toll that comes with leading in high-stress crisis situations? And what are some tips for emerging leaders who aspire to be effective crisis leaders in the future? Orthopedic surgeon and Public Service Commissioner Craig Greene shares those insights and more on the October 2023 episode of Strictly...

Episode 8: Mike Polito

What are the secrets to cultivating an engaged workforce? How do you maintain culture and core values in times of growth? And what are the qualities of a good leader that make it all happen? MAPP CEO Mike Polito shared those insights and more on the September 2023 episode of Strictly Business. Mike Polito is a Baton Rouge native and 1984 graduate of LSU with a...

Episode 7: Chris Meyer

What are the biggest surprises Baton Rouge Area Foundation President Chris Meyer discovered when he took the helm of the organization 18 months ago? What will be the new center focus of the foundation? And what’s on the horizon for major initiatives like the LSU Lakes? Meyer shares those insights and more on this episode of Strictly Business. The webcast aired August 16, 2023. https://youtu.be/TLjBd6AI22o

Episode 6: Norisha Glover

What are the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur? How do you secure sufficient capital in the start-up phase? And what’s the secret to business development? NRK Construction founder and owner Norisha Kirts Glover shared those insights and more in this episode of Strictly Business in July 2023. https://youtu.be/AJzz7CaU5-g    

Episode 5: Scott Woodward

Why does LSU Athletic Director Scott Woodward view his management style as more executive producer and less CEO? What’s the No. 1 trait he seeks in a leader? And what lyrics from a Stealers Wheel song best describe how he feels about NIL? He shares those insights and more on the June episode of Strictly Business. Known for building championship teams, the Baton Rouge native and...

Episode 4: Tim Barfield

How do you ensure your company thrives in an era of continual disruption? CSRS Principal and President Tim Barfield says there is no “secret sauce,” but he does have a few tips for leaders to ensure they and their teams stay on the cutting edge. He shares those, as well as his successful strategies for creating a winning culture, strength-based leadership and the importance of executives...

Episode 3: Chuck Spicer

How did Our Lady of the Lake Health’s new market president approach his new leadership role in a century-old institution? As Chuck Spicer puts it: Big ears, small mouth. He digs into that approach, as well as his philosophy of deliberate reactivity, the power of relationships, dealing with critics and other successful management techniques in the April 19 episode of Business Report’s Strictly Business webcast. https://youtu.be/c_MZ4dyjAs4

Episode 2: Josh Descant

How do you give an 87-year-old iconic brand a new name without some of your 63,000 Louisiana customers thinking you’re now owned by some firm in New York? In the March 15 episode of Business Report‘s Strictly Business, REV/REV Business CEO Josh Descant tackles the journey the company formerly known as Eatel and two other companies under its umbrella—Reserve Communications and Vision Communications—recently took to rebrand as...

Episode 1: Mike Wampold

How did a Baton Rouge developer known for redefining the Baton Rouge landscape spot  opportunities and calculate risks for investment? Mike Wampold shares the details in this  episode of Business Report‘s Strictly Business webcast, which aired Feb. 15, 2023. The successful entrepreneur explains how he analyzes the potential of a project while calculating the risks. His unique mind sees opportunities that others miss and that—along...