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Calling Louisiana to boost state’s trained workforce

Industry leaders are battling the stigma attached with not getting a four-year degree with a Louisiana Calling campaign designed to boost the state’s trained workforce.
public housing

Baton Rouge on mission to reimagine public housing

Federal changes are propelling the East Baton Rouge Parish Housing Authority and its new executive director to rethink public housing.
job descriptions

Wanted: Job postings that attract attention by telling it like it is

In a tight labor market, Baton Rouge businesses are using more descriptive—and more direct—job posting language in the hunt for would-be employees.
Entrepreneur Rodney Greenup

Entrepreneur: Rodney Greenup

Entrepreneur: Rodney Greenup, president of Greenup Industries, started his industrial maintenance company in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Executive Spotlight Chris D'Elia

Executive Spotlight: Christopher D’Elia

Executive Spotlight: Christopher D'Elia recently celebrated his 10th year as dean of LSU's College of the Coast & Environment, the longest continuous tenure of any presently serving LSU dean.
JR Ball

JR Ball: Now we’re embracing the greater good

It's remarkable how selective Baton Rouge has become about embracing the greater good; suddenly the self-sacrifice concept matters when the issue is stopping the incorporation of St. George.
Stephanie Riegel

Riegel: Time for Baton Rouge to get smart on planning

How many natural disaster bullets must Baton Rouge dodge before it gets smart about planning? A Smart Growth summit will offer advice on how to do it.

Panhandling is impacting businesses across Baton Rouge

Though all in the community express concern about the homeless, the problem with panhandling in Baton Rouge is a problem that's negatively impacting businesses across the city.

Sam and Cody Carroll are back in Baton Rouge, with plans to open a...

Sam and Cody Carroll, stars of the Food Network's 'Cajun Aces' are back in Baton Rouge and plan to open a new Hot Tails restaurant.
wealth management

Wealth management pays off with an early start

The Simplifynance program is designed to help young professions begin their wealth management journey early in their career.