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3 things to know

3 things to know: Kodi Guillory

3 things to know: Kodi Guillory is the president of Sustainable Design Solutions, a Baton Rouge-based civil engineering firm

Leadership expert Jon Gordon sees lessons in LSU football’s success

Jon Gordon, the best-selling author and leadership expert, says lessons can be learned from the national title success of LSU football.

Small business tax tips for 2020

Business owners and entrepreneurs should already be prepping for the 2020 tax year as planning has becomes a year-round process.
East Baton Rouge

What if East Baton Rouge and its $32.8B GDP were in another state?

East Baton Rouge Parish, with its $32.8 billion GDP in 2018, would be the economic county leader in 15 states, including Louisiana.
JR Ball

JR Ball: The Baton Rouge year in all its lunacy preview 2020

JR Ball: As we enter a new decade, let's get a head start on previewing the lunacy that will be the news in Baton Rouge in 2020.

Riegel: The hypocrisy of a Donald Trump holiday message

Riegel: The Christmas message from President Donald Trump would have been nice if he actually practiced anything he preached in his holiday wishes.
Baton Rouge McCollister

Publisher: 2020 will be a long year for Louisiana politics

Publisher: With Democrat John Bel Edwards as governor, the state Legislature firmly controlled by Republicans and no compromise in sight, it adds up to a long year.

The St. George saga will continue

The battle over the prospective city of St. George won’t end anytime soon, what with pending lawsuits and the unresolved school issue.
Mayor's race

Mayor’s race will be main election event, but it may not be a fight

The election race for Baton Rouge mayor may be the biggest contest on the ballot this fall but don’t expect any fireworks.
election year priorities

The election year priorities of Mayor Sharon Weston Broome

As Louisianans begin to pivot from state to national elections in 2020, a national group of mayors is pushing candidates to support efforts to...