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Can business win despite losing?

Louisiana's business and industry groups went all-in supporting Republican Eddie Rispone, so what does that mean now that John Bel Edwards won re-election?
LSU Lakes City Park Lakes

Saving the LSU and City Park lakes moves closer to reality

Saving and enhancing the LSU Lakes system moved closer to reality with Gov. John Bel Edwards announcing plans to fund the project.

Why the Plank Road Master Plan matters for Baton Rouge

Despite skepticism, executing the Plank Road Master Plan, say supporters, is critical to lifting an underserved part of Baton Rouge.

Louisiana seeks federal dollars for $258M fisheries disaster

Efforts to prevent flooding this year caused Louisiana’s fishing industry to lose about $258 million, according to state estimates announced last week.   The federal government...
coastal restoration

Why are Louisiana coastal restoration projects bogged down?

A better, faster way to jump start coastal restoration projects has been on the books for more than two years now, so why isn’t anything happening?
St. George

No comment from St. George on Broome’s lawsuit against incorporation

Organizers of the proposed city of St. George declined to comment this morning on a suit filed today by Mayor Sharon Weston Broome.

Goal of new cyber coordination center is to make Louisiana a cybersecurity global leader

With the goal of Louisiana becoming a global leader in cybersecurity, LED acts as a ‘catalyst’ for a new cyber coordination center at 1200 Brickyard Lane.

Baton Rouge inches closer to lawsuit against St. George with ‘litigation hold notice’ 

An attorney “representing Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome” has put officials with the city of St. George on notice that a lawsuit is coming soon and they need to preserve any documents that could be relevant to the case.
St. George

St. George votes to incorporate … now what?

In the wake of the St. George incorporation vote, Baton Rouge grapples with where to go from here and whether its city-parish government is forever broken.

Looking for an oasis in the north Baton Rouge food desert

City working with Hope Enterprise to address the food desert problem and get brick-and-mortar grocery stores to open in north Baton Rouge.