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News alert: Foil and Carter tied in Senate race following recount; three-way runoff possible

A recount shows Republicans Franklin Foil and Steve Carter tied for the No. 2 spot in the Senate District 16 race; if it stands, both will face Democrat Beverly Brooks Thompson in a three-way runoff.

Panhandling is impacting businesses across Baton Rouge

Though all in the community express concern about the homeless, the problem with panhandling in Baton Rouge is a problem that's negatively impacting businesses across the city.
New Orleans airport

Questions circle around soon-to-open New Orleans airport

The under construction New Orleans airport is a sight to behold, but logistical concerns beg the question: How well will it actually work for the planes?
Alton Sterling lawsuit

What Baton Rouge can expect next in Alton Sterling lawsuit

With no settlement in sight and plenty of legal maneuvering, the Alton Sterling lawsuit against the city-parish appears headed to trial in 2020.
Airbnb Spanish Town

To be or not Airbnb

Whole-house short-term rentals from companies like Airbnb are creating controversy in Spanish Town and elsewhere in Baton Rouge. Regulations are coming, but it’s clear not everyone will be happy.
IBM Baton Rouge

News alert: IBM meets revised hiring goal with state

IBM, after receiving a two-year extension, hits its promised hiring goal for its Baton Rouge operations with 811 full-time employees.

Kathleen Blanco: Losing a ‘champion’

Kathleen Blanco, Louisiana's first and only female governor, should be remembered for much more than her response to Hurricane Katrina. She was a dedicated public servant who worked to improve education in the state.

Who’s running against who in the upcoming elections?

Louisiana's election sign-up period opens this morning with the races for governor, six other statewide jobs and all state legislative seats on the fall...
government Louisiana

Hitting the RESET button on better Louisiana government

Though the business community scored some minor victories in the recent legislative session, re-election-facing lawmakers declined to tackle any of the really meaty issues...

Why so few women in politics?

Mayor Sharon Weston Broome began her political career 30 years ago with a seat on the East Baton Rouge Metro Council, where she surprisingly...