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Alford: Parish president races will drive fall ballot 

While the last couple of years have offered up some red-hot mayoral races, the 2023 fall ballot will fall short on the same kind of municipal mania. 

Alford: Can any candidate match Jeff Landry’s $7.3M?

Before he was endorsed by the Louisiana Republican Party last fall, Attorney General Jeff Landry was confined to asking each entity for just $5,000...

Opinion: An economic development resolution for Baton Rouge

The Baton Rouge resolution for 2023 ought to be developing a comprehensive economic development strategy beyond petrochemical.
Baton Rouge McCollister

Opinion: What does 2023 hold for Louisiana and Baton Rouge?

A new year always provides a fresh start, giving rise to bright hopes and dreams for the next 12 months. As an optimist, things can get better.

Alford: Will lawmakers debate raising their own pay? 

The upcoming regular session slated to convene April 10 would be both the most ridiculous time and—maybe—the most opportune for members of the Legislature to discuss increasing their own pay.

Alford: They said it in 2022

No one in Louisiana scored more political touchdowns this year by simply saying stuff in clever and obscene ways than U.S. Sen. John Kennedy....

Alford: 2023 regular session coming into focus

There will be many moving pieces that go into defining next year’s regular session, beginning with its close proximity to the fall statewide ballot. Nothing...
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Alford: Long shots ruled year’s final ballots

Louisiana’s last round of elections for 2022 belonged to the long shots. 

JR Ball: Broome calls in the cavalry

Mayor Sharon Weston Broome isn't going down without a fight, naming Maj. Gen. Glenn Curtis as her latest chief administrative officer.
Baton Rouge McCollister

McCollister: Is a city manager next for Baton Rouge?

Hoping the post-canvas excitement includes support for a city manager as well as Rolfe's personal endorsements for the Dec. 10 election.
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Alford: End-of-the-year election guide

The final ballot of 2022, slated for Saturday, will probably produce a few strong political storylines, but not a whole lot of dramatics. Most...

Alford: GOP governor could test Legislature’s newfound independence

As we approach the 2023 statewide election cycle, Republicans are on the verge of capturing a supermajority in both the House and Senate for the first time in modern history.
Baton Rouge McCollister

Rolfe McCollister’s endorsements for Dec. 10 election

Columnist Rolfe McCollister's personal endorsements for items appearing on Baton Rouge ballots for the Dec. 10 election.
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Alford: Capitol politics intensify ahead of 2023

The ongoing election cycle and speculation about control of Congress kept most politicos in Louisiana busy and distracted this fall.

‘LaPolitics’: DC officials stole this week’s news cycle

In the long history of Louisiana’s congressional delegation, few members have been as successful as Steve Scalise, the representative from Jefferson Parish. He’ll shed...

Alford: Secretary of state election enters new era

Following a tumultuous term marked by controversies involving perceived election irregularities and lucrative voting machine contracts, Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin is preparing to...

NFIB state director: Shop local on Small Business Saturday after Black Friday 

Louisiana needs its small businesses, and small business needs us. That’s why I hope everyone will support local shops and restaurants on Small Business Saturday. 
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Alford: Governor’s race kicks off with a firestorm

It’s probably safe to call Attorney General Jeff Landry the leading candidate for governor. We can do that because, technically, there’s only one other...

‘La Politics’: AG candidates making moves

State Rep. John Stefanski of Crowley raised roughly $250,000 for his attorney general campaign last week during a Lafayette fundraiser at the City Club....

JR Ball: Mayor Broome can’t recover from Stormwater-gate

Stormwater-gate has cost Mayor Sharon Weston Broome the trust of the council and key business leaders; which is why Baton Rouge needs new leadership.