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Alford: Louisiana budget process might stay messy

If you like your state budget process peppered with uncertainty, drenched in politics and caked with circumstance, then I have some tremendous news for...

Alford: The continued quest for independence

If the Louisiana House of Representatives has taught us anything over the past four years it’s that independence can take on many forms. Four years...
JR Ball

JR Ball: The Baton Rouge year in all its lunacy preview 2020

JR Ball: As we enter a new decade, let's get a head start on previewing the lunacy that will be the news in Baton Rouge in 2020.

Riegel: The hypocrisy of a Donald Trump holiday message

Riegel: The Christmas message from President Donald Trump would have been nice if he actually practiced anything he preached in his holiday wishes.
Baton Rouge McCollister

Publisher: 2020 will be a long year for Louisiana politics

Publisher: With Democrat John Bel Edwards as governor, the state Legislature firmly controlled by Republicans and no compromise in sight, it adds up to a long year.

Alford: New Year. Who dis?

Someone around the State Capitol should invest in name tags, because they would certainly make a killing during the new term that begins next...
JR Ball

JR Ball: The trouble with Mike Wampold’s Harveston TIF

JR Ball: The Harveston mix-use development, like other projects by Mike Wampold, will be fantastic, but that doesn't mean it deserves a TIF.

Riegel: A look at the departing King Alexander’s legacy at LSU

Riegel: King Alexander, who will be leaving to become president at Oregon State, did a remarkably good job leading the LSU system during challenging times.
Rolfe McCollister Business Report

Publisher: We can learn from the success of the LSU football team

Publisher: There are lessons every government official and corporate executive can learn from what LSU football has accomplished—and how they did it.

Alford: First controversy of the new term

That didn't take long.  Then again, it makes sense that the first real controversy of the upcoming term of state government involves one of the...