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Alford: The Legislature’s need for speed 

House Speaker Clay Schexnayder is quite the gearhead, having worked as a certified mechanic before managing and then eventually owning his own garage in...

Alford: The evolution of Louisiana’s budget politics

From 1992 to 2007, during the administrations of former Govs. Edwin Edwards, Mike Foster and Kathleen Blanco, the politics behind the state budget process...
JR Ball

JR Ball: The trouble with democracy in Baton Rouge

JR Ball: Democracy was never meant to be easy, but the brand of it on display in Baton Rouge is especially messy at the moment.

Riegel: Let sun shine on public procurement contract deals

Riegel: In Louisiana, there always seems to be questions about the awarding of government contracts; is that normal ... or the Louisiana way?
Baton Rouge McCollister

Publisher: Put young talent at the Baton Rouge power table

If Baton Rouge is going to grow and evolve in a fast-changing world, then it needs to get more young people in positions of authority and influence.

Alford: The make-an-impression session

Lately it seems as if everyone in Capitoland will have something to prove when the Louisiana Legislature convenes its first regular session of the...

Alford: The GOP vs. GOP dynamic

Louisiana voters began the process of fully embracing Republican candidates around 2007, as registrations revealed a weakening of the Democratic Party and special interests...

Alford: Louisiana budget process might stay messy

If you like your state budget process peppered with uncertainty, drenched in politics and caked with circumstance, then I have some tremendous news for...

Alford: The continued quest for independence

If the Louisiana House of Representatives has taught us anything over the past four years it’s that independence can take on many forms. Four years...
JR Ball

JR Ball: The Baton Rouge year in all its lunacy preview 2020

JR Ball: As we enter a new decade, let's get a head start on previewing the lunacy that will be the news in Baton Rouge in 2020.