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Alford: First controversy of the new term

That didn't take long.  Then again, it makes sense that the first real controversy of the upcoming term of state government involves one of the...
JR Ball

JR Ball: More cowbell needed on Baton Rouge tax assessor

Now that a cohort of prominent Baton Rouge business leaders have embraced the "greater good," perhaps they can turn their focus to the tax assessor and the job he's not doing.

Riegel: A tire shredder in search of a Baton Rouge controversy

The fact there's a tire shredder controversy simply proves this Metro Council is willing to fight over anything and everything.
Rolfe McCollister Business Report

Publisher: A blue governor and a red Legislature in Louisiana

John Bel Edwards may be governor, but will he be able to work with a Republican-dominated Legislature?

Alford: The battle for the Senate begins now

If you’re a follower of Louisiana politics, then you’re likely aware that the state House has an upcoming election for speaker in January. In...

Alford: What to sweat post-elections

Some folks are still sitting around trying to figure out how Gov. John Bel Edwards won a second term and shut down a challenge...
JR Ball

JR Ball: The nasty reality of the Louisiana governor’s race

JR Ball: The Louisiana governor's race was devoid of substance but filled with frightfully negative campaigning, and the voters loved it.

Riegel: Celebrating Baton Rouge positives for a change

Riegel: Finding problems isn't hard in Baton Rouge, but it's also worth celebrating some notable developments in recent weeks.
Rolfe McCollister Business Report

Publisher: Talent that executes is key to future of Baton Rouge

Publisher: Having talent is important, but talent that executes is what leads to successful business, civic and government operations.

Alford: Governor won by expanding his electorate

How did Gov. John Bel Edwards win this year's top race in Louisiana? Unlike previous cycles, which were soaked in twists and turns and...