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JR Ball educated workforce

JR Ball: Attracting an educated workforce to Baton Rouge

The state needs to rethink TOPS and Baton Rouge must change its economic development mission if we're going to attract and retain an educated workforce.
Stephanie Riegel St. George

Riegel: It’s time for some policing questions about St. George

With the election to incorporate St. George just over a month away, the Sheriff Sid Gautreaux and city backers need to tell voters how much police services will cost.
Rolfe McCollister Business Report

Publisher: A 37-year journey of change

There's been much change at Business Report over its 37-year journey, writes Publisher Rolfe McCollister, who also comments on escalating state budgets and higher taxes under Gov. John Bel Edwards.

Alford: Supreme Court race high on intrigue, low on interest

Louisiana’s highest court, the Supreme Court, is located in New Orleans and it's composed of seven justices.  The Court has been so important to the...

Alford: The Fourth Estate and the fourth floor

Reporters, talking heads, columnists, editors and producers are slowly taking more of an interest in Louisiana's race for governor, based on a recent analysis...
JR Ball educated workforce

JR Ball: Off to the Louisiana, Baton Rouge campaign races

Executive Editor JR Ball gives a whip-around look at the most interesting campaign races this election cycle in the Baton Rouge area.
Stephanie Riegel St. George

Riegel: Navigating the lawless highways of Louisiana

As Editor Stephanie Riegel routinely discovers, driving on Louisiana's highways, and especially I-10, can be a dangerous adventure.
Rolfe McCollister Business Report

Publisher: Louisiana losing jobs under Gov. John Bel Edwards

Despite the campaign rhetoric, the reality is Louisiana is losing jobs—and citizens—under the tenure of Gov. John Bel Edwards. Also, a remembrance of former Gov. Kathleen Blanco and a look into the background of Library Board member Chance Wilson.

Alford: Will a constitutional convention ever happen?

The Pelican Institute recently held a constitutional convention forum in Baton Rouge. A few bigwigs showed up, ranging from mega-donors and politicians to out-of-state...

Alford: The 50%-plus-one thing

No matter what kind of politician you might be, regardless of funding or name recognition, winning in the first round is the easiest way...