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JR Ball

JR Ball: In defense of Lane Grigsby

JR Ball: Let me just say it: I find Lane Grigsby to be absolutely fabulous. He’s a man of his convictions and, agree with him or not, there’s nobility in that. 

Riegel: Questions surround Louisiana’s coastal master plan

Riegel: It's time to pay attention to the complaints from fishermen and elected officials on the Mississippi Gulf Coast over Louisiana’s coastal restoration plans.
Rolfe McCollister Business Report

Publisher: Your vote is your voice on Nov. 16

Publisher Rolfe McCollister gives his endorsements for the Nov. 16 runoff election. His pick for governor is Eddie Rispone.

Alford: Governor’s race enters stealth mode on substance

We know there’s a gubernatorial election going on because we can’t turn on our televisions or radios without hearing about incumbent Democratic Gov. John...

Alford: Gubernatorial candidates need to speak up about transition teams

If John Bel Edwards and Eddie Rispone want to inject a bit of honest vision into what remains of the governor's race, they should...
JR Ball

JR Ball: St. George about a political divide, not a racial one

St. George was mostly about a decidedly right-leaning group of residents wanting some independence from an increasing liberal city-parish government.

Riegel: Politics shouldn’t blind the Edwards economic record

Gov. John Bel Edwards, despite GOP spin, has show fiscal restraint and political pragmatism in bailing Louisiana out of a deep financial hole.
Rolfe McCollister Business Report

Publisher: Eddie Rispone for Louisiana governor

Republican businessman Eddie Rispone is the clear pick of Publisher Rolfe McCollister in the gubernatorial runoff with Democrat John Bel Edwards.
JR Ball

JR Ball: Now we’re embracing the greater good

It's remarkable how selective Baton Rouge has become about embracing the greater good; suddenly the self-sacrifice concept matters when the issue is stopping the incorporation of St. George.
Stephanie Riegel

Riegel: Time for Baton Rouge to get smart on planning

How many natural disaster bullets must Baton Rouge dodge before it gets smart about planning? A Smart Growth summit will offer advice on how to do it.