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JR Ball

JR Ball: Louisiana GOP lawmakers making the most of a good crisis

JR Ball: Lawmakers on both sides of the political divide are using COVID-19 as an opportunity to make the most of a good crisis.
Stephanie Riegel

Riegel: Legislature flaunts its disregard for democracy

Riegel: Lawmakers in the Louisiana Legislature have used pandemic mitigation measures as a way to shut the public out of democracy.
Rolfe McCollister Business Report

Publisher: Another lost opportunity for the Baton Rouge community

Rolfe McCollister: Selecting the next East Baton Rouge public school superintendent was one of the most critical positions to be filled for our future.

Alford: Our most competitive congressional race

Qualifying for the race to replace 5th District Congressman Ralph Abraham isn’t until July, but the campaigns are heating up. The district, which covers...

Alford: State leaders have to think outside the box  

From the COVID-19 outbreak and the dip in oil prices to climbing unemployment figures and uncertainty around every corner, this is no time to...

Alford: Special elections join special sessions at Capitol 

The end of the regular session, a conclusion slated for less than two weeks from now, will not close the door on legislative politics...

Alford: Disagreements easy to find at Capitol

Lawmakers and the administration know a lot more right now about the budget and the financial impact brought about by COVID-19 than they did...
JR Ball

JR Ball: Navigating some delicate Baton Rouge balancing acts

Baton Rouge is facing a multitude of life-altering decisions as we tiptoe closer to the end of the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Riegel: The emerging COVID-19 narrative in Baton Rouge

A developing Baton Rouge narrative is that containing COVID-19 is more about personal choices than testing and a vaccine.

Publisher: Is there a blue ocean in your company’s future?

Publisher Rolfe McCollister writes using a Blue Ocean strategy will be key to navigating your company's post-pandemic future.