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Meet Latter & Blum’s new CEO: Lacey Conway

Business advice she lives by? Don't be afraid to make a decision.
Renee Chatelain

Renee Chatelain is building an arts hub

This year, she oversees what is arguably the Arts Council’s biggest project yet.

10 tips for taking care of you in 2020

Knowing your worth. You know what it means in the workplace or in a relationship. But what does it mean on a personal level?...

10 books Baton Rouge women in business are reading

Time to start aiming for your 500 pages a day.

Why ‘doing it all’ should never be a goal

Meet time management coach Anna Dearmon Kornick, who just launched a weekly podcast called 'It’s About Time'.

Women: Dominating PR in BR

Baton Rouge is home to mostly female PR pros, who create and execute narratives for a variety of local companies and other entities.
3 things to know

3 things to know: Kodi Guillory

3 things to know: Kodi Guillory is the president of Sustainable Design Solutions, a Baton Rouge-based civil engineering firm

Leadership expert Jon Gordon sees lessons in LSU football’s success

Jon Gordon, the best-selling author and leadership expert, says lessons can be learned from the national title success of LSU football.

Small business tax tips for 2020

Business owners and entrepreneurs should already be prepping for the 2020 tax year as planning has becomes a year-round process.