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Can business win despite losing?

Louisiana's business and industry groups went all-in supporting Republican Eddie Rispone, so what does that mean now that John Bel Edwards won re-election?

Entrepreneur: Brian Pangburn

Entrepreneur: Brian Pangburn is principal and CEO of The Pangburn Group, which provides recordkeeping for non-qualified benefit plan and employer-owned life insurance.
Executive Spotlight

Executive Spotlight: Steven Ceulemans

Executive Spotlight: Steve Ceulemans, appointed as executive director of the Baton Rouge Health District in July, wants to recruit health care and bio tech companies to the district.
Pennington Biomedical

Dr. John Kirwan aims Pennington Biomedical to new heights

Dr. John Kirwan, a rock-star researcher with impressive credentials, is not only one of the smartest men you’ll ever meet, but he’s also leading the Pennington Biomedical Research Center to new heights.

Disruption hits the Baton Rouge art gallery world

Baton Rouge art galleries are using public art, social media and virtual galleries to counter the rise of online retailers and introduce new artists to the market.

The (foreign) language of business in Baton Rouge

As the Baton Rouge population becomes more diverse, businesses are making accommodations for their non-English speaking customers.

Dima Ghawi: Three messages for rising in business

Simplify your workload. Reconsider leadership opportunities. Find your voice.

Leslie Rose and ‘The Picture of Health’

'This is about enabling people to share their own stories.'

I’m feeling uninspired at work …

Before you quit, see if you can create some energy and inspiration though these alternative strategies.

Pinterest is a place for doers

Many business owners overlook this social media channel in terms of marketing.