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industrial construction

Riding the Baton Rouge industrial construction employment lull

A slowdown in commercial and industrial construction work around the Baton Rouge region has contractors looking for work in other markets.
medical marijuana

Banking on medical marijuana in Louisiana is challenging business

Finding financial institutions willing to handle the business of medical marijuana in Louisiana is challenging, but federal help may be on the way.
coastal restoration

Why are Louisiana coastal restoration projects bogged down?

A better, faster way to jump start coastal restoration projects has been on the books for more than two years now, so why isn’t anything happening?

Design: 1200 Brickyard Lane

Design: 1200 Brickyard Lane is the first multi-tenant office building on the Water Campus; tenants include Stantec and Cybersecurity Coordination Center.

Entrepreneur: Alexis and Joshua Broussard

Entrepreneur: Alexis and Joshua Broussard launched Baton Rouge Wood Masters in 2017, focusing on restoring residential and commercial wood products.
Executive Spotlight

Executive Spotlight: Jay Johnson

Executive Spotlight: Jay Johnson officially took over as chief financial officer for Lamar Advertising Company on Oct. 1, four months after being named.

Opportunity Zone tax breaks are proving to be a tough sell

Opportunity Zone tax breaks meant to spur development in distressed communities are not attracting Baton Rouge investors—at least not in low-income areas.

Baton Rouge restauranteurs are expanding their foodie brands.

Each has their own style and game plan, but collectively these restaurant owners are expanding their local brands across the state, the country and, in one case, the world.

Business Lunch: City Pork Brasserie and Bar

Business Lunch: City Pork has been a bellwether in Baton Rouge’s evolving dining scene, serving artisan barbecue and charcuterie and inventive Southern fare.

Diabetes: It’s different for women

Death by heart failure is more common in women with the disease.