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Alton Sterling lawsuit

What Baton Rouge can expect next in Alton Sterling lawsuit

With no settlement in sight and plenty of legal maneuvering, the Alton Sterling lawsuit against the city-parish appears headed to trial in 2020.

Entrepreneur: Jacob Jolibois and Matthew Armstrong

Entrepreneur: Jacob Jolibois and Matthew Armstrong are the founders of Block Lawncare, an on-demand lawncare app service with plans to expand beyond Baton Rouge.
IBM Baton Rouge

Mandates hit, where does IBM go from here in Baton Rouge?

IBM says it’s committed to growing the tech workforce in the Baton Rouge region despite the end of state employment mandates.
Business Lunch

Business Lunch: Tio Javi’s Mexican Grill

Business Lunch: Tio Javi's Mexican Grill, on Constitution Avenue, features contemporary Tex-Mex cuisine, including the Chilean salmon, a lunch favorite.

Executive Spotlight: Nick Speyrer

Executive Spotlight: Emergent Method, the Baton Rouge-based management consulting company Nick Speyrer founded in 2012, is has seen its revenues grow 635% since 2015.

Jennifer Maggio talks transformation

Her nonprofit, Life of a Single Mom, is pursuing an aggressive growth plan: 100 new chapters nationwide.

The dress code: How professional women express their style

Two Baton Rouge women share how they balance personal fashion sense with workplace expectations.

Dear 25-year-old me: Here’s some advice.

Four successful Baton Rouge women on the advice they would give if met face-to-face with their 25-year-old selves. 

Communicate better with colleagues

Five Baton Rouge professionals share the communication styles and strategies that have been most successful for them.
Colleen Waguespack Influential Women in Business

At Work with Colleen Waguespack

Entrepreneur Colleen Waguespack shares some of her tips and tricks to tackle the day.