Dwindling unemployment fund a ‘huge issue’ to business groups

Business groups are increasingly nervous about what could happen if the state’s Unemployment Compensation Trust Fund runs out of money, which, at this point, appears to be a real possibility.

Lakes rehabilitation project poised to move forward

Details remain sketchy about where the project stands and who will pay for it, but officials at the LSU Real Estate Facilities Foundation expect to unveil their blueprint in the coming weeks.
business interruption

Pardon the business interruption

Companies across the Baton Rouge region are learning that business interruption insurance doesn’t typically cover pandemic-related losses.

Welcome to Wally’s world

Former LSU baseball star Wally McMakin has tapped into his Tiger roots to both mentor young professionals as well as build a successful wealth management firm
Business Lunch

Business Lunch: Mansurs on the Boulevard

Business Lunch: Mansurs on the Boulevard, on Corporate Blvd., has been a business lunch haven for decades, drawing executives for quiet client gatherings.

Shutdown of rental assistance program hints at deepening housing crisis 

A state-run program designed to provide emergency rental assistance was so inundated with applicants it had to shut down after just two days, suggesting the massive crisis that housing advocates have been predicting could be coming soon.

Improvisational theater

COVID-19 is forcingTheater Baton Rouge and other members of the the arts community to redefine how they operate in a world with limited seating.

Baton Rouge restaurants are open, but…

Continuing uncertainty—and changing rules—amidst COVID-19 are the main course for Baton Rouge area restaurant operators.



JR Ball: What’s in a name? Power

Trust on both sides is a must if we're ever going to erase the Baton Rouge racial divide. Removing the remaining vestiges of the Lost Cause Confederacy is a good place to start. 

Riegel: Trying to make sense of the new decade

The decade opened with LSU football winning the national title but not much has gone right since then, writes Stephanie Riegel.

Tyson: A moment of racial reckoning for Baton Rouge

The racial justice activism unfolding around the world is cause for cautious optimism and sober reflection, but it's meaningless without facing the truth.

Must Read

Top 100 Private Companies 2020
The Baton Rouge Top 100 Private Companies list saw little shakeup in 2020 among the top tier corporations, but total revenue rose to $25.7 billion.