Do utilities charge you for their political spending? A PSC commissioner wants to know

A Louisiana Public Service Commission member wants to investigate whether the utilities under the PSC’s jurisdiction are using ratepayer funds for political spending. 

More EBR middle- to upper-income families choosing public schools

Middle- to upper-income student enrollment in public schools across East Baton Rouge Parish hit a 10-year high in 2022, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber reports. 
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US Senate confirms Baton Rouge attorney for federal judgeship

The U.S. Senate confirmed Baton Rouge attorney Darrel Papillion on Tuesday for his lifetime appointment as a federal judgeship for the New Orleans-based U.S. Eastern District of Louisiana. 

Baton Rouge hockey team owner closing in on a name

While it won’t be announced before the end of May as was first discussed, the owner of Baton Rouge’s new hockey team is getting closer to choosing a name. 

Government Street transfer of ownership from state to city-parish delayed

Plans to transfer ownership of Government Street from the state to the city-parish have been further delayed due to rain extending landscaping maintenance work, according to state officials.  The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development...

Louisiana homeowners report rising insurance costs, canceled policies

Louisiana residents say the cost of their homeowner’s insurance is rising, and many report trouble finding or keeping policies.

Opinion| Personal income is a taxing issue

Getting rid of the Louisiana personal income tax will require a complete overhaul of how we've done business for nearly a century.

Opinion| Remember, ‘It’s the economy, stupid’

There will be many issues debated during the governor's race, but which candidate will do the best job of growing the Louisiana economy?

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Want to develop better habits? Start small

Start small when working to develop better habits and always remember to celebrate the success of progress.

Leadership: 14 thoughts about building a great culture

HERE ARE 14 thoughts about leadership and how you can develop a strong culture in your organization: 1. Great leaders build and drive great cultures....

Leadership: Press play, not pause, on growth

Growth is never a straight line and if often hard in uncertain times, but embracing the challenge is key to moving your organization forward.

Leadership: 7 ways to win with people

Boosting your influence and credibility with people will make you a more effective leader.


LSU Athletic Director Scott Woodward talks hiring and managing top talent on Strictly Business

Why does LSU Athletic Director Scott Woodward view his management style as more executive producer and less CEO? What's the No. 1 trait he...

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