health care

Baton Rouge companies out to control their health care destiny

Kerry Drake knows, perhaps better than most, the challenges businesses face when it comes to employee health care. As an employer and president of employee benefits at BXS Insurance, Drake has long been trying to...

Bringing early cancer detection to a workplace near you

Kelly Gill still carries in her wallet a printed Google image of a man suffering from basal-cell carcinoma—a type of skin cancer that when first visible looks something like a mosquito bite, but, in...

Amy Dighton builds a network for mompreneurs

Sitting down at a small table in White Star Market, Amy Dighton divulges that she has been in her car in the parking lot curling her hair just minutes prior to our meeting. With a...

Shonta Greenwood, whether its football or industry, breaks barriers

Breaking into circles dominated by men—and then rising to the top—is something Shonta Greenwood can say she’s done not once, but twice.  In the early 2000s, after her college basketball career ended, Greenwood tried her...

CBD: the new ‘green’ rush

With CBD now legal in the state, Baton Rouge area entrepreneurs are looking to cash in on the budding industry derived from hemp.

The seafood industry’s empty net syndrome impacting restaurants

Summer in Louisiana means blue crab season, when local consumers flock to seafood markets for boiled crabs and chefs add crab-centric specials to their menus. It’s when the crab supply peaks and prices are...
shopping center

Fitness is reshaping the shopping center experience

As the national retail industry continues to be disrupted, Baton Rouge’s shopping center landlords and property brokers are seeing one concept pump new life into retail centers: The boutique fitness studio. Chains like Orangetheory, Regymen...
residential real estate

The million-dollar residential question in Baton Rouge

If you want to spend at least $1 million on a ready-made home, you’ve come to the right city. You can choose from one of several Traditional Neighborhood Developments—or projects that closely mirror TNDs—that have...

JR Ball: A quest for substance in Louisiana governor’s race

So, here’s what we know about the main contenders jockeying to become the next governor...

Riegel: We can handle the truth about John Paul Funes

In June, former hospital fundraiser John Paul Funes pleaded guilty in federal court to stealing...

Publisher: Will Baton Rouge ever learn … and embrace change?

They say, “the more things change, the more they remain the same.” As I wrote...


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If there’s a major design, development, planning or transportation infrastructure project in south Louisiana, there’s a good chance Baton Rouge-based CSRS is involved in it. The firm was recently awarded the program management contract to oversee the bulk of what will be the largest public works program in East Baton...

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Join Business Report in honoring the 2019 Top 100 Private Companies in the Capital Region. A luncheon is scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 24, at the...

Nominate someone for Business Report’s 2019 Forty Under 40 beginning Aug. 1

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