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10 tips for taking care of you in 2020

Knowing your worth. You know what it means in the workplace or in a relationship. But what does it mean on a personal level?...

10 books Baton Rouge women in business are reading

Time to start aiming for your 500 pages a day.

Why ‘doing it all’ should never be a goal

Meet time management coach Anna Dearmon Kornick, who just launched a weekly podcast called 'It’s About Time'.

Women: Dominating PR in BR

Baton Rouge is home to mostly female PR pros, who create and execute narratives for a variety of local companies and other entities.
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5 tips for entrepreneur success

Expert advice from Baton Rouge Entrepreneur Week.

Outsiders and the C-suite

Not from Louisiana? It can be tough getting in the executive-level door.

When imposter syndrome hits

It's the high-achieving, highly successful people who usually experience it.

Success Plan Step 1: Your Core Values

The first in a new series for The Network for women in the early- and mid-stages of their careers.

Dima Ghawi: Three messages for rising in business

Simplify your workload. Reconsider leadership opportunities. Find your voice.