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Want to better manage your life? Manage it as a portfolio of S-curves

WHETHER YOU HAVE money in the market or not, you are an investor—and your most important portfolio is your life. But how do you construct that...

11 traits of the best

IN ADDITION TO speaking to a ton of businesses, hospitals and schools I also get to work with a lot of college and professional...

Losing your job is a new beginning

I WAS FIRED ONCE. I’m not talking about being caught up in a massive layoff (though layoffs can be similar) where hundreds or even thousands...

Purpose-driven goals ignite success

FOR YEARS I chose Organic Valley milk over other brands in the supermarket. I had no idea why until I spoke at their remote...

Feedback is necessary for growth

Feedback, both giving and receiving it, can be difficult, but such personal disruption is important for growth.

Exercises to develop a more connected team

John Gordon: If you want a more committed team, then you must have a more connected team. Here are some exercises to build your team.
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Incorporate work tactics for a happier home

Frustrated by the hectic nature of home life, especially when the kids are out of school? Try organizing and managing like you're at work.
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Positive leadership is a competitive advantage, embrace it

Positive leadership is not only essential, but also a competitive advantage. And you and your team need it now more than ever.

How to respond to social media complaints and mend relationships

Rather than recoiling from social media complaints, Stafford Wood suggests it's an opportunity to repair a damaged relationship.

Want to develop better habits? Start small

Start small when working to develop better habits and always remember to celebrate the success of progress.

Leadership: 14 thoughts about building a great culture

HERE ARE 14 thoughts about leadership and how you can develop a strong culture in your organization: 1. Great leaders build and drive great cultures....

Leadership: Press play, not pause, on growth

Growth is never a straight line and if often hard in uncertain times, but embracing the challenge is key to moving your organization forward.
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Leadership: 7 ways to win with people

Boosting your influence and credibility with people will make you a more effective leader.
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Leadership: How to grow when there’s nowhere to go

You can always choose internal personal growth no matter what limitations or challenges we must embrace externally.
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Leadership: 5 exercises for a more connected team

Team-building exercises to build a more connected team, a requirement to developing a more committed corporate team.

Empower your employees

Consultant Scott Wozniak explains how any Baton Rouge company, regardless of size, can become a legendary brand.

Lesson Learned: Beverly Haydel on timing and persistence

Beverly Haydel, president and CEO of Sequitur Consulting, shares one of the best lessons she's learned in business.

HR: What’s your strategy for retaining top talent

Tips from three business executives on how on to keep your best people engaged ... and remaining with your company.
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HR: New Year’s mental health resolutions for employers

Employers should look internally at their own wellness. If you are stressed, more than likely your employees are, too.

Leadership: Mark the moment to motivate your team

Whitney Johnson: How can we discern our progress, when it doesn’t happen in big leaps but in small, incremental steps? We learn to mark the moment.