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The dress code: How professional women express their style

Two Baton Rouge women share how they balance personal fashion sense with workplace expectations.

Dear 25-year-old me: Here’s some advice.

Four successful Baton Rouge women on the advice they would give if met face-to-face with their 25-year-old selves. 

Communicate better with colleagues

Five Baton Rouge professionals share the communication styles and strategies that have been most successful for them.
Colleen Waguespack Influential Women in Business

At Work with Colleen Waguespack

Entrepreneur Colleen Waguespack shares some of her tips and tricks to tackle the day.

Mission creep

It’s the thousands of small decisions that end up defining our days, years, and ultimately our life.

Navigating post #MeToo waters at work

Two years have passed since the #MeToo movement took hold. But have working relationships between men and women changed for the better? 

When it comes to social media, you have to ‘own it’

Social media can be a marketing goldmine. It can define your brand promise, and showcase your company’s personality.

Is it OK to cry in the workplace?

Did you know nearly half of working women have cried on the clock? And no, we’re not sexist for addressing this in a women’s...

Coaching a driven young innovator to collaborate

Asked + Answered is a new recurring feature in The Network. We pose reader queries about workplace and management matters to a panel of...
Raedtha Vasquez

Rae Vasquez: Tough lessons from a mentor

Rae Vasquez of Jones Walker law firm will be the first to tell you mentors have helped her get where she is today. In this Q+A, she tells how she handles difficult conversations and her advice to those she mentors.