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Diabetes: It’s different for women

Death by heart failure is more common in women with the disease.

Dima Ghawi: What are your strengths?

Check out these valuable assessment tools for identifying and developing your professional strengths.

Five women share management hacks

It takes the right people, clear vision, check-ins and more.

‘But is she likable enough?’

Women who behave in authoritative ways risk being deemed difficult, brusque or bossy, while those who are too nice risk having their competence questioned. How to escape the very real likability trap that still exists in the modern workplace.
Office drama

Coaching your team to avoid office drama

It takes intentional focus to create a drama-resistant culture.

Vacations need not be long to have impact

You don’t need a budget-busting two-week trip abroad to feel refreshed.

Instagram should be part of most marketing strategies

It's less about pushing sales and more about personality.

Finding success in the investor dating game

Four tips from a recent BRAC Small Business Seminar on how to court investors when looking for capital. In short: What attracts money?
wealth management

Wealth management pays off with an early start

The Simplifynance program is designed to help young professions begin their wealth management journey early in their career.
changing careers

Facing fears and changing careers

This isn’t Sharon Ramsey's first career move—and it probably won’t be her last.