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Stories about the impact of the coronavirus in Baton Rouge.

COVID policies your company should keep long term

As the three-year COVID-19 mark approaches, it's understandable that some companies may be eager to ditch their early pandemic policies and get back to...

Louisiana schools using COVID funding for capital expenditures 

Louisiana public schools are spending millions in COVID-19 relief funding on new classrooms, cafeteria expansions, teacher bonuses, and HVAC renovations, The Center Square reports. 

What eight people who quit their jobs are doing one year later

The Great Resignation neared its peak one year ago when more than 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs. Some left for higher pay, while...

Millions of US workers are dealing with long COVID 

It’s one of numerous papers, surveys, and studies attempting to assess the effect of long COVID on workers, businesses and the overall economy.

LSU study finds football players recover quickly from COVID 

A  study conducted in collaboration with LSU’s kinesiology and athletics departments, Pennington Biomedical Research Center and Our Lady of the Lake researched how the...

Companies quietly rolling back vaccine mandates 

Some large U.S. companies are rolling back mandates for employee COVID-19 vaccination, but few are making official public statements about it, Axios reports.  The moves...

Baton Rouge PPP trends exemplify shifts in the program over the pandemic 

The experiences of Baton Rouge businesses with the Paycheck Protection Program illustrate how the federal program changed from its first year to its second,...

COVID vaccine required for most Louisiana college students  

Most Louisiana public universities will require the COVID-19 vaccine this fall, though a liberal vaccine exemption policy offered through state law also will also...

What businesses need to know as COVID cases rise

Every time you think it's safe to hatch plans and put COVID-19 behind you, another variant crops up to spoil your efforts.  This time it's...

Ochsner Health back to requiring masks amid latest COVID surge

Ochsner Health will enforce mask-wearing in all common and patient care areas for employees, patients and visitors, the system announced Friday. 

LSU drops COVID-19 vaccine mandate 

LSU sent out notes to students for the upcoming fall semester indicating that being vaccinated for COVID-19

SBA doled out $390B in loans at rates that won’t be seen again for...

Small business owners who took out disaster loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration over the past two years were able to cut quite...

Congress examines massive fraud involving pandemic aid to small businesses

A congressional panel today will examine payouts under a federal coronavirus pandemic aid program intended to help small businesses

Bill would block NOLA-style COVID-19 vaccine requirements in Louisiana

A key step taken by the city of New Orleans to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at the height of the pandemic would be prohibited under legislation approved Tuesday by a House committee.

US companies ditch efforts to manufacture PPE 

Many companies that began producing personal protective equipment early in the pandemic with patriotic optimism have scaled back, shut down or given up, according...

As much as $80B in PPP money was stolen, prosecutors say  

The prevalence of COVID-19 relief fraud has been known for some time, but experts are just now starting to grasp the scope and implications...
health care

COVID-19 misinformation contributing to health care provider burnout

Health care provider burnout, a problem even before the pandemic, has been exacerbated by COVID-19.

Another COVID surge could be on the way for US 

A surge in coronavirus infections in Western Europe has experts and health authorities on alert for another wave of the pandemic in the U.S.,...

So what’s going on with Biden’s vaccine mandates? 

More than half the states, including Louisiana, are pursuing renewed legal challenges against a requirement from President Joe Biden's administration for millions of health care workers across the U.S. to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Rampant fraud hampers effort to track $6 trillion in federal COVID relief

Roughly two years after lawmakers approved their first tranche of rescue funds, the U.S. government is grappling with an unprecedented challenge: how to oversee...