Lettermans: Company prints with a passion

Technicians print and fabricate designs at Lettermans

Founded by the Letterman family in 1949 as a printer of technical documents, Lettermans’ main product has taken a dramatic shift under the guidance of President & CEO Steven Perret, whose family bought the business in 1983.


Top executive: Steven Perret, President 

Phone: 225.925.2663

Address: 4726 Government St., Baton Rouge, LA, 70806

Website: lettermans.com

Perret explained that his company has spent the last five years reorienting its printing business to focus on becoming a leader in creating custom wallcoverings, project signage, presentation graphics and interior signage for Baton Rouge’s architecture, interior design, and construction community, as well as other businesses across the state. 

Their X-factor? Employing a team of technicians that prints and fabricates designs with the same passion that their clients have for their businesses. “Our mission is to help our clients see their vision in print through our commitment to quality standards, technology and a knowledgeable well trained staff that prints with passion,” Perret says.

Creating designs for both indoor and outdoor use, Perret explained that his company has graphics at every step of a construction or design project’s life cycle, from fence wrappings during the building process to custom wallcoverings and interior signage finishing the space. The company works in close cooperation with their clients, which, Perret says, is to ensure an energetic collaboration with companies that share Lettermans’ passion for design.

Copeland’s of New Orleans on the Northshore

“We’re working to build systems that allow our team to deliver products and services through an unmatched experience,” Perret says. “There’s a big difference between a product… and an experience.” 

Lettermans is also responsible for designing, fabricating, and installing ADA compliant braille and wayfinding signage in buildings across the state, a practice they are currently expanding, Perret says. While their primary clientele are Baton Rouge architects, interior designers, and construction firms, their signage appears across the state, diversifying into other market segments like healthcare, retail, education, and restaurants, including printing and signage for local restaurants like SoLou, Jubans, and La Carreta, and into New Orleans with Copeland’s. “These are examples of some of the market segments we are serving now that are very different from the markets we’ve served in the past,” Perret says. 

Honoring the seven-decade-strong traditions of Lettermans while moving into the future, Perret says that while conversations are being held about expanding into digital signage, their offering for the foreseeable future will remain physical print. “The next three to five years, our focus is to become the leader of signage and graphics for the architecture, interior design and construction community in Louisiana and beyond,” he says.