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Dealer: Interest in electric vehicles ‘nearly nonexistent’ in Baton Rouge

Despite the growing number of electric car purchases statewide, one area seller says few people are buying ‘green’ vehicles in the Capital Region.  “Interest is...

Lacey Conway is taking over

Meet the South Louisiana woman who's now in the top spot at a company with $4.5 billion in sales last year. The advice she lives by? Don't be afraid to make a decision.
Renee Chatelain

Renee Chatelain is building an arts hub

This year, she oversees what is arguably the Arts Council’s biggest project yet.

10 tips for taking care of you in 2020

From weighted blankets to volunteering, some outside-the-box health tips from local wellness pros.

10 books Baton Rouge women in business are reading

Time to start aiming for your 500 pages a day. Or squeeze in just a bit more book time.

LinkedIn: Social media that means business

Your LinkedIn profile is critical—and it works for you.

Why ‘doing it all’ should never be a goal

Meet time management coach Anna Dearmon Kornick, who just launched a weekly podcast called 'It’s About Time'.

Women: Dominating PR in BR

It isn't all parties and red carpets.

Lean in or step back: How to choose what works for you

Kean Miller LLP Partner Katie Bell shares how she found work-life balance with two young boys at home and a key role on a multimillion-dollar trial case. [Sponsored by Kean Miller LLP]

LSU’s Kristine DeLong leads a team studying climate change

The LSU paleoclimatologist and other Gulf Coast scientists are examining coral's past to determine what its future may hold.