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Dima Ghawi: Three messages for rising in business

Simplify your workload. Reconsider leadership opportunities. Find your voice.

I’m feeling uninspired at work …

Before you quit, see if you can create some energy and inspiration though these alternative strategies.

Pinterest is a place for doers

Many business owners overlook this social media channel in terms of marketing.

How I Got Started: Mary-Brennan Faucheux of MJ’s Cafe

Mary-Brennan Faucheux first fell in love with the farm-to-table movement during a backpacking trip through Europe. Now she's a restaurateur.

Equal pay, gender discrimination complaints on the rise in Louisiana

Statewide, equal pay complaints have doubled that of what they were a decade ago.

New Woman’s Hospital CEO talks health

Tackling premature birth and maternal death rates are at the top of the list.

More families are working to share the housework load

On an average day, just 20% of men do housework compared to 49% of women.

2019 Gift Guide: For those who have it all

A few go-to gifts from local stores and a little beyond that strike a balance between fun and useful—aka ideal for gifting to even the girl that has everything.

Beyond employee engagement: Harness the power of volunteerism

b1BANK recently launched a bank wide initiative called b1COMMUNITY to support and encourage its employees to get involved in the community and give back. [Sponsored by Business First Bank]