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Baton Rouge gallery owner organizes area artists for BLM mural

Kristen Downing helped organize area artists for a new mural.
Dima Ghawi, Women in Business

Video: Dima Ghawi’s top tips for time management

How to make the most of your limited time and beat distractions.

The Hope Shop opens storefront

Rebecca Gardner’s dreams of a 100% ethically-sourced boutique came to fruition this summer.

Meet Our Lady of the Lake palliative care physician Mary Raven

Through compassion and communication, Raven has helped families grapple with COVID-19 and make decisions for their loved ones.

Your personal marketing plan next step: Tactics 1-3

To accomplish your success plan, you’ll need to develop a list of tactics.

How to start your second act

Here are the five questions expert Nancy Collamer recommends women nearing retirement ask themselves.

Brand your space: Local offices get a functional facelift

Offices aren't just offices anymore. They are branded spaces that influence a client's behavior. Take a peek at the before and afters—you won't believe the difference.

2 Sistahs Produce brings fresh food, good vibes to Scotlandville

They grow fruits and vegetables in gardens around Baton Rouge.

Espresso Geaux kept the coffee coming amid COVID-19

Espresso Geaux has been traveling around to Baton Rouge’s subdivisions to bring a semblance of normalcy during the quarantine by delivering caffeine and smiles.

Getting to know Maxine Crump

Her Dialogue on Race Louisiana events help people unpack myths and misunderstandings about race.