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Silicon Bayou

Turning tech tides in the Silicon Bayou 

The tech industry in Louisiana and Baton Rouge is growing and women are part of the cutting edge.  
changing careers

Facing fears and changing careers

This isn’t Sharon Ramsey's first career move—and it probably won’t be her last.
Recruiting women workforce

Wanted: More female talent

A growing wave of Capital Region companies are going all out to recruit more women to their workforce.
Business Awards and Hall of Fame

Apply or nominate someone for the Business Awards & Hall of Fame

We’re looking for successful entrepreneurs, executives, companies and legacy business professionals in the Capital Region. Honors include Hall of Fame, Businessperson of the Year, Young Businessperson of the Year, and two Company of the Year awards.

Getting the most from Facebook

How to get the best results when marketing your business on the world’s largest social network.
Fall fashion

Fall looks for more than just 9 to 5

Browse this season's collection of professional wear from Capital Region boutiques.
Sevetri Wilson

Meet Louisiana’s Female Founder 100: Sevetri Wilson

What does this entrepreneur share with Joanna Gaines, Rhiana and Serena Williams?
mom guilt, stay-at-home mom, working mother

Stories of ‘mom guilt’

It can feel like a no-win situation. Working mothers face guilt for giving up family time; stay-at-home moms may regret not earning income.
Louisiana Fire Extinguisher

From ‘little company’ to multimillion-dollar firm

Louisiana Fire Extinguisher CEO Sarah Grace Brooks' mantra: 'We need to think bigger.'
women in leadership

Leadership and your natural abilities

Ever wonder how your leadership potential could best be developed?