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Impactful philanthropy: 3 local organizations worthy of support this season

Baton Rouge has a number of worthwhile organizations that stretch your donations to help our community. Find out how three fantastic local organizations are utilizing your gifts. [Sponsored by b1BANK]

See this entrepreneur’s tricks for getting past the first lull

"Once you start out, after that stage of being new and exciting, that's is where the hard work comes in," Kirsha Barker says.

Meet the women who keep Baton Rouge hospitals running

Over at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, the 222-person environmental services team also cleans and sanitizes the facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Baton Rouge native becomes business’ Mary Poppins

During Ashley Miles’ former role as a global chief business officer for a wellness company, she felt called to help entrepreneurs.

Red Magnolia keeps women center-stage

The organization—unable to perform a main stage production this year—recently unveiled its 2021 lineup.

Ornement Jewelry owner turned a college pastime into a business

Using wood, bone gemstones and precious metals, Tiffanie Lasseigne makes each piece of jewelry for her business by hand.

Roxi Victorian creates new home for Baton Rouge professional dance

Nyama Contemporary Dance Company will get a big start next year as one of the companies in residence at the Arts Council’s new community arts center.

Success tip 3: Networking for success

By starting a focused networking program early in your career, you will create a circle of valuable resources and reach your goals much faster and more effectively.

Local interior designer reflects on three decade career in Baton Rouge

Like many other industries, the internet transformed how interior designers worked.

Nation sees more female CEOs, but does Baton Rouge?

In Louisiana's Capital Region, just four of the Top 100 CEOs are women, according to the latest rankings.

Five years after TEDxLSU, Maxine Crump is still talking

Her Dialogue on Race events took off this year.

LSU researchers studying how cancer cells recruit

The teams have combined strategies from biological and chemical engineering.
Colleen Waguespack Influential Women in Business

Fig & Dove growing outside of Christmas decor

Colleen Waguespack is expanding her business into items and gifts for other special occasions. 

More women are dropping out of the workforce; here’s how to keep them

About 617,000 women in the U.S. left the workforce in September alone, compared with only 78,000 men.

15 Baton Rouge plans and ideas to look forward to

Imagine a day spent kayaking on the lakes from LSU to City Park, or cycling around them on a dedicated path or taking a train to New Orleans.

Top tricks to optimize your home office experience

It’s small changes and tweaks, rather than huge design overhauls, that allow any room in the house to become a well-equipped workspace.

Success tip 2: Learning for success

One of the most important things you can do to achieve the goals in your Success Plan is to continually invest in yourself by learning new skills and obtaining new knowledge.

How I Get It Done: Rebecca Pennington

As the Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts Louisiana East, she’s currently working with staff to figure out how to recruit girls from more than 20 parishes to join the Girl Scouts.