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Riding the Baton Rouge industrial construction employment lull

A slowdown in commercial and industrial construction work around the Baton Rouge region has contractors looking for work in other markets.

Design: Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors

Design: The new headquarters for the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors is designed to be friendly so that visiting contractors will have a pleasant experience and be proud of their industry.

Calling Louisiana to boost state’s trained workforce

Industry leaders are battling the stigma attached with not getting a four-year degree with a Louisiana Calling campaign designed to boost the state’s trained workforce.
changing careers

Facing fears and changing careers

This isn’t Sharon Ramsey's first career move—and it probably won’t be her last.
industrial corridor Loren Scott economist

Baton Rouge metro to add 11,700 jobs over the next two years

A series of announced large-scale private and public construction projects should kickstart what’s been a three-year lull in industrial projects in the Baton Rouge...
medical marijuana industry

Medical marijuana brings an uncertain state to industry

Medical marijuana is bringing a radical new reality to Louisiana industrial plants and the various responses are rather hazy.

A rising Mississippi River is raising industrial sector worries

With billions of dollars of investments at risk, industry is adjusting to the reality that Mississippi River water levels are rising.

Shonta Greenwood, whether its football or industry, breaks barriers

Breaking into circles dominated by men—and then rising to the top—is something Shonta Greenwood can say she’s done not once, but twice.  In the early...
Dom Pere'

Dom Peré stays true to his roots

Delivering millions of dollars worth of disaster recovery cargo to the most remote, typhoon-ravaged islands of Micronesia might sound like a swashbuckling, Treasure Island-esque task,...
natural gas

Natural gas powering the Louisiana energy industry

Fueled by the continued shale revolution and surging global energy demand, U.S. oil and gas production in 2018 posted the largest annual increases ever...