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East Baton Rouge

What if East Baton Rouge and its $32.8B GDP were in another state?

East Baton Rouge Parish, with its $32.8 billion GDP in 2018, would be the economic county leader in 15 states, including Louisiana.

Breaking down the economic priorities of the Capital Region

A parish-by-parish roundup of the 2020 economic development priorities of the Capital Region.

The power of industry

Do the math: A graphic look at the economic power of industry in the nine-parish Capital Region.

Port of growing expectations

As the decade came to a close, the Port of Greater Baton Rouge was buzzing with growth. The port is beefing up its capacity to...
industrial construction

Looking to bring disruption to industrial construction

Industry-backed research, dubbed Operating System 2.0, is searching for a model to overhaul the industrial construction process.

Louisiana industry desperately seeking ITEP clarity

The curious case of Bollinger Shipyards highlights the latest ITEP issue to arise since Gov. John Bel Edwards altered the program.
business industry Louisiana

Can business win despite losing?

Louisiana's business and industry groups went all-in supporting Republican Eddie Rispone, so what does that mean now that John Bel Edwards won re-election?
industrial construction

Riding the Baton Rouge industrial construction employment lull

A slowdown in commercial and industrial construction work around the Baton Rouge region has contractors looking for work in other markets.

Design: Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors

Design: The new headquarters for the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors is designed to be friendly so that visiting contractors will have a pleasant experience and be proud of their industry.

Calling Louisiana to boost state’s trained workforce

Industry leaders are battling the stigma attached with not getting a four-year degree with a Louisiana Calling campaign designed to boost the state’s trained workforce.