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Guest viewpoint: Baton Rouge’s IBM partnership pays off

Charles Masters of IBM writes, in a guest opinion, writes the company's partnership with Baton Rouge and Louisiana is stronger than ever.

Riegel: Making sense of the MovEBR management contracts

How, exactly, will the city-parish and its two program management teams of 16 engineering and consulting firms—that’s right, 16—efficiently and effectively oversee Mayor Sharon...

JR Ball: The real ITEP problem  

Go on, get angry at Gov. John Bel Edwards for creating the mess that’s become of the Industrial Tax Exemption Program. Stomp your feet...

‘Business Report’ Publisher: Will ‘race’ drive decisions in 2019?

Will a new year bring a modicum of harmony to the Baton Rouge political scene or will race continue to divide us? That’s the question...
Stephanie Riegel CATS

Riegel: The final chapter in landman’s environmental crusade?

Ten years ago, Baton Rouge landman Dan Collins did a risky and politically unpopular thing, when he filed an environmental whistleblower lawsuit against the...
Stephanie Riegel CATS

Riegel: Broome is making the case for St. George

When the Metro Council voted in early September not to put Mayor Sharon Weston Broome’s proposed 5-mill property tax for road improvements on the...
Stephanie Riegel CATS

Riegel: Running out of places to hide from Mother Nature

As Hurricane Irma barreled toward the southeast U.S. earlier this month, we in south Louisiana breathed a collective sigh of relief. This monster, the spaghetti...
Stephanie Riegel CATS

Riegel: Local control over Louisiana’s Industrial Tax Exemption Program makes sense

Gov. John Bel Edwards set off alarm bells in June 2016, when he issued an executive order designed to rein in the state’s Industrial Tax...
Stephanie Riegel CATS

Riegel: Sidewalk spat says a lot about parochial Baton Rouge

When the board of directors of the Stanford Oaks Property Owners Association voted in June to close to the public a sidewalk through their...
Stephanie Riegel CATS

Riegel: Helping the autistic transition into adulthood

Like many parents whose children were being diagnosed in the early 2000s with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Steve and Sharon Whitlow did everything they could...