Entrepreneur: Will Jones

Photography by Brian Baiamonte

COMPANY 4th Dimension Fitness


WHAT THEY DO Concierge coaching service for fitness and endurance athletes

WEBSITE 4thDimensionFitness.net

NEXT GOALS Expand nationally


Growing up on the gridiron, Will Jones developed a passion for healthy competition. Fascinated by the science of human performance, he began his professional career in cardiac rehab, then pursued a graduate degree at LSU in sports pedagogue to feed his athletic drive. There, he worked as a full-time coach for Nick Saban, specializing in weightlifting and strength conditioning. No longer able to play football himself, Jones began looking to endurance sports to satisfy his competitive spirit. When a former teammate challenged Jones to a triathlon and he “failed miserably,” he made it a personal quest to improve, planting the seed for 4th Dimension Fitness.


Jones left his 70-hour-a-week coaching job at LSU to train for an Ironman triathlon, and learn everything he could about nutrition and endurance. During that time, he worked as personal trainer at Functionally Integrated Training and Therapy, or FITT. After 18 months, he decided to start his own business as an endurance sport coach. In 2008, 4th Dimension Fitness was formed as a concierge coaching service for fitness and endurance athletes. The core philosophy is to develop a client’s entire body to function optimally for the challenge at hand. “I like helping people achieve things they didn’t think were possible.”


What started with Jones personally training a handful of athletes, multiplied during his first two years in business as he turned his focus to online coaching. “I realized I needed to have a way to multiply my time and that was the answer.” The key to success is making it personal. He video chats with clients at least once a week and delivers training programs via an online platform where he’s able to monitor the results of workouts in real time. Over the years, Jones has also built a robust local client base, allowing him to form competitive racing teams that are highly regarded in Baton Rouge and beyond.


While his own racing days have diminished due to a cycling crash in 2017, Jones finds fulfillment vicariously through his clients. An eternal optimist, he’s found the silver lining: time to evaluate how to be a more effective businessman and coach. Learning how to run a business has been his biggest challenge over the last 10 years. “My days as an athlete have waned, so I do something everyday to be a better coach and I do something every week to be a better business person.” This year, Jones is focused on growing his business nationally and producing content for a broader audience.

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