Louisiana congressional map thrown out by federal judges

    After nearly three weeks of deliberations, a trio of federal judges on Tuesday rejected the new congressional district map that would have given Louisiana a second majority-Black House district, the Associated Press reports.

    In a 2-1 ruling, the judges rejected the map, which was drawn by legislators in a special session in January. That map was drawn in response to a different federal judge blocking a map from 2022.

    Attorney General Liz Murrill confirmed Tuesday evening that Louisiana “will, of course, be seeking Supreme Court review.”

    “I’ve said all along the Supreme Court needs to clear this up,” she wrote in a prepared statement. “The jurisprudence and litigation involving redistricting has made it impossible to not have federal judges drawing maps. It’s not right and they need to fix it.”

    Editor’s Note: Plaintiff Rolfe McCollister is an opinion columnist for Business Report.

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