Maurice Velasquez Leadership & Management: Executive and management training improves collaboration and company alignment

Maurice Velasquez

Maurice Velasquez Leadership & Management specializes in helping executives, managers and supervisors become more effective and cohesive in their leadership, collaboration, and decision-making to help all their departments become high-performing teams.


Top executives: Maurice Velasquez, Founder

Phone: 225.505.2823

Address: 7844 Jefferson Place Blvd., Suite A, Baton Rouge, LA 70809


The primary avenue Velasquez  uses is a powerful and proven training program he has designed from over 20 years of helping clients locally and across the country, both in the profit and nonprofit sectors, of different sizes and from multiple industries. The training is a four-day program tailored for each individual client based on an initial assessment he does with the leaders. He then follows up with reinforcement coaching over several months to help the leadership teams implement the skills successfully and ensure that it produces greater efficiency and greater alignment throughout the organization. 

“When executives, middle managers and frontline supervisors are collaborating better, it has an immediate positive impact on employees, morale, team culture, performance, and growth” says Velasquez, who started the company as Team Real World in 2008, but recently rebranded it after the pandemic to meet client needs better.

Velasquez offers his training program several times throughout the year in public enrollment or in private sessions at client sites, which allows him to tailor the program to their specific needs. And with training now becoming more accessible remotely, he also offers his program in Zoom sessions and through his video subscription library on his website. “Regardless of which venue we use for the training, we always dive in to identify the traps that are hindering our clients and show them how to use our tools, habits, and skills to create alignment, better communication, and more consistent results,” he says. “It works. The program is practical and very applicable.” 

He has provided training for companies such as JM Testing, Business Report, Ferrara Fire, Core Occupational Health, several banks and credit unions, as well as nonprofits such as Hope Ministries, Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, and Matters of the Heart. 

Velasquez hosts a weekly podcast called “Winning in the Workplace,” which streams on Fridays on Facebook and Spotify, and he is looking to scale and onboard additional trainers and coaches to help more clients locally and nationwide.