Nine annexations tied up in legal battles amid St. George incorporation

    After voters in 2019 approved the St. George incorporation, a handful of major businesses asked to be annexed into the city of Baton Rouge. 

    While some requests, such as the Mall of Louisiana and Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, were approved, nine other annexations are still tied up in court, WAFB-TV reports. Annexations still under consideration include Woman’s Hospital on Airline Highway and United Plaza, the five-story building on Essen Lane. 

    Leaders of St. George says the nine properties remain part of their nascent city; they filed their own lawsuit to challenge the requests but deliberations were deferred until the Supreme Court decision, which was released last Friday. 

    Andrew Murrell, spokesman for St. George, told WAFB-TV that he believes the annexation lawsuits will remain on hold, given Baton Rouge’s request for a rehearing from the Supreme Court. 

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