Melara Enterprises: A company of excellence, innovation and impact

Melara Enterprises executive team

As business models go, it would be hard to find a more shining example of success than Melara Enterprises. Founded in 1982 as a community business journal, it has evolved into one of the South’s leading multi-media corporations, offering marketing services, leadership training, content strategy, video production, business analysis, digital marketing, website development, performance tracking, and much more.

Yes … all of these data-driven services are housed under the Melara umbrella. And the list is not surprising considering the fact that owner and founder Julio Melara is motivated by innovation, adept at recognizing opportunity, and has always had a keen eye on the changing media landscape.

The company’s staple brands— Business Report, 10/12 Industry Report, 225, and inRegister—are all national award-winning magazines with broad audiences and loyal readership, but digital media has long been reshaping the way information is consumed and delivered, and Melara Enterprises has been on the leading edge of that trend.


Top executives: Julio Melara, President & CEO

Phone: 225.928.1700

Address: 9029 Jefferson Hwy., Baton Rouge, LA 70809



In 2021, Melara developed a marketing division, StudioE, to provide clients with deeper solutions and direct access to the company’s in-house marketing experts, creative services, digital operations team, and media brands. StudioE offers value that few others can, thanks to a multifaceted framework built on flexibility, scalability, and a best-in-class experience.

“When StudioE launched, we positioned ourselves as a content studio that could help clients ‘tell their story,’ but based on client demand, our focus today is on communication, content and ‘creative backed by data,’” says StudioE Director Taylor Gast. “Once we have an understanding of a company’s demographics, pain points, interests and behaviors, we can create a strategic marketing plan complete with measurables.”


In July of 2023, Melara Enterprises acquired Launch Media, tripling the company’s capabilities for video production and making it possible to amplify client campaigns on a host of platforms, including websites, apps, newsletters, ads, infographics, blogs and social media operations.

Leadership Academy is another game-changer that has helped rising professionals take their leadership and their organizations to the next level. Launched in 2017, it was such a success that business leaders asked for more career-enhancing programs, which are known for their national guest speakers, energetic formats, and fresh perspectives. Today, Leadership Academy has more than 500 alumni. Additionally, a Sales Academy was established with the goal of helping clients sharpen their sales skills, boost their confidence, and build stronger relationships. In 2022, Melara Enterprises began offering custom training for corporations with a focus on management alignment, leadership development, and other professional development skills.


“I think people are surprised at the extensive range of services we offer,” says Chief Digital Officer Erin Pou. “But we are always looking to grow and serve our clients’ needs. For years, customers have partnered with our media brands for advertising. Today, they come to us to build comprehensive sales and marketing plans to attract new business, retain customers, and position their company for future growth locally or on a national level. The key is having the client identify what success looks like and then mapping the journey together.