1897 school begins 2-day, 300-yard move

A two-story school built in 1897 has begun a two-day, 300-yard trip across the site of a planned state hospital in New Orleans. Officials originally planned to demolish the McDonogh No. 11 School, but agreed to move it at the city’s request. Orleans Shoring President Christian Cancienne says there’s no chance the structure will break in transit. He says 200 tons of steel I-beams hold up its brick and timber floor. And for the first 130 feet, the 38 remote-controlled power dollies holding it up were rolling only about a foot at a time today. Cancienne says once it’s entirely on a wide wooden road built next to the school, it will move at a walking pace. Officials haven’t yet chosen a permanent site for the 80-by-120-foot building. See a picture of the school in transit here.

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