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The same technology powering the homes of the future is also helping businesses protect, monitor and optimize their most important assets. Area business owners can now stay in tune with their operations anywhere, anytime through interactive, sophisticated, smart business security technology.

We spoke to industry expert Leigh King, vice president of Cox Business Louisiana, to find out how emerging technologies are impacting businesses. “The ability to manage a business remotely from a smart phone, tablet or laptop is becoming increasingly more popular,” King says. “Plus, business owners are better understanding their operations through powerful new analytical features built into the security devices.”

Today’s smart detection and surveillance systems provide visibility and control to prevent losses, but also often identify opportunities to improve productivity and procedures. For instance, they can analyze traffic patterns, record energy use and provide insight into customer behavior. “Businesses are always trying to operate as efficiently as possible,” King says. “The right security solution will also deliver information to improve operations and optimize resources.”

“When it comes to business security, one size does not fit all,” King says. “Customized solutions should be designed on-site by a security expert.” He offers the following advice about what to look for in a business security system:

  • Video access to the business anytime–real-time and recorded
  • Access and control of the system from any smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Reliable transmission over a broadband connection via a dedicated router
  • Cellular backup for communicating with central monitoring
  • Text and email alerts to keep you tuned in to your business even when you are away
  • 24/7 professional monitoring

With 24/7, high-definition video surveillance and the ability to monitor from anywhere, business owners can access what’s happening at their business even when they are away from it. Cox Business provides state-of-the-art voice, data, video and security services to more than 350,000 clients and one of the largest IP networks in the country.

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