For the Record: APTIM

Mark Fallon

ON THE RECORD: APTIM is an industry leader with headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and more than 4,000 teammates worldwide. APTIM specializes in environmental services, resiliency, sustainability, and energy solutions, as well as technical and data solutions, program management, and critical infrastructure. Our dedicated team has experience and expertise to provide integrated services and solutions to government agencies, commercial and industrial clients, and energy customers. APTIM commits to building a sustainable future for our communities and natural world and creating a more inclusive, equitable environment that celebrates diversity of our people.

OFF THE RECORD: On December 15, APTIM celebrated the grand opening of its new headquarters on The Water Campus in Baton Rouge, the international company’s hometown. With the office’s proximity to the Mississippi River, downtown Baton Rouge, and its new neighbors—who share APTIM’s priority of making the Gulf Coast more resilient—the move symbolizes APTIM’s growing relationship with the community and the state. The Water Campus is the country’s first major center dedicated to the study of coastal restoration and sustainability. A proud Louisiana company, APTIM has executed several projects that enhance the resilience of the state’s infrastructure, economic prosperity, and safety.

CHAIRMAN & CEO: Mark Fallon

SPECIALTY: Environmental services, resiliency, sustainability, energy solutions, technical and data solutions, program management, and critical infrastructure


1200 Brickyard Lane, Ste. 202