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The ITEP order: What it means

THE NEWS: With the stroke of a pen, Gov. Jeff Landry has redefined the rules of Louisiana’s Industrial Tax Exemption Program, or ITEP. THE DETAILS:...

EBR anticipates $47M tax collection surplus this year

Mayor Sharon Weston Broome’s administration is projecting an overcollection of $46.9 million ahead of general fund projections for this year. As with cities nationwide, East...

The St. George saga will continue

The battle over the prospective city of St. George won’t end anytime soon, what with pending lawsuits and the unresolved school issue.
Mayor's race

Mayor’s race will be main election event, but it may not be a fight

The election race for Baton Rouge mayor may be the biggest contest on the ballot this fall but don’t expect any fireworks.
election year priorities

The election year priorities of Mayor Sharon Weston Broome

As Louisianans begin to pivot from state to national elections in 2020, a national group of mayors is pushing candidates to support efforts to...
Louisiana legislators

5 things state legislators will be talking about

Louisiana legislators will focus on tort reform, oil and gas lawsuits, education funding, tax reform and selecting its new leadership.

Searching for a new leader at LSU

Finding a replacement for F. King Alexander at LSU will likely be controversial and will certainly dominate the local higher ed conversation.

Breaking down the economic priorities of the Capital Region

A parish-by-parish roundup of the 2020 economic development priorities of the Capital Region.

The power of industry

Do the math: A graphic look at the economic power of industry in the nine-parish Capital Region.

Port of growing expectations

As the decade came to a close, the Port of Greater Baton Rouge was buzzing with growth. The port is beefing up its capacity to...
residential real estate

The $500,000 residential divide

The state of the Baton Rouge area residential market depends on which side you find yourself on the $500,000 price-point divide.
residential real estate

5 hottest high end subdivisions

The 5 Baton Rouge area subdivisions where homes priced above $500,000 are most active.
multifamily apartment

The demanding challenge of multifamily in Baton Rouge

A slowdown in apartment construction may ease the Baton Rouge market’s oversupply problem.
entrepreneur advice

5 tips for entrepreneur success

Expert advice from Baton Rouge Entrepreneur Week.
health care hospital

The good, the bad and the ugly of the health care industry

The state of the Baton Rouge health care market in 2020 depends on where you fit on the industry spectrum.
banking mergers

Merger mania in banking continues

There seems to be no slowing the consolidation wave that's rolling through the Baton Rouge banking industry.
commercial vehicle insurance rates

Will Louisiana tackle high commercial insurance rates?

Will the Legislature pass legislation, including tort reform, that will finally bring relief to escalating commercial vehicle insurance rates?
data security law firms

The court of data security

Law firms across Baton Rouge are bracing for a rise in cyber litigation over data security and privacy issues.
Amazon Cortana Mall

A dream come true for Cortana?

Signs point to Amazon acquiring the dying Cortana Mall and converting it into a regional distribution and fulfillment center.

Online retail expansion aids brick-and-mortar survival

Baton Rouge retailers continue online expansion while maintaining a strong brick-and-mortar presence, with help from social media and "nano-influencers."