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BRG’s Ascension Neighborhood Hospital to open first phase Monday

Baton Rouge General will open the second-floor primary care clinic of its Ascension Neighborhood Hospital on Monday, Oct. 12, marking the first phase of...

Working while in menopause

Working women often worry about managing their menopause symptoms, afraid that it might affect their job performance or the way co-workers view them.

Staying sane: It’s in the little things

The pandemic has pushed stress and anxiety levels to their limit.  

Deborah Sternberg launches 19 Thanks

The initiative is designed to express their gratitude for all the state’s essential workers.

Ochsner increasing testing and ICU beds; shifting staff to cover shortages

Ochsner Health System says it’s continuing to increase testing and ICU bed space as well as ordering more ventilators and supplies as the number...

Life can change … in a heartbeat

Baton Rouge's Roxane Bingham remembers her heart attack as though it happened yesterday. Her message: Pay attention to your body if something seems wrong.