How Tin Roof Brewing Co. evolved from a Colorado dream to a Baton Rouge reality

What do a Louisiana lawyer and a Mississippi banker have in common? A little creativity and love of craft beer. Childhood friends raised in Natchez, Mississippi, Charles Caldwell and William McGehee went their separate ways in college pursuing their respective career paths. McGehee attended LSU and then the Paul M. Hebert Law Center, while Caldwell graduated from Ole Miss and became a banker in his hometown. However, the two young professionals quickly realized corporate life wasn’t in the cards for them. Rewind to the early 2000s, when Caldwell ventured to Colorado to work as a ranchhand for a year, where he was exposed to the area’s buzzing microbrewery scene. “Back then I was thinking, ‘Man this would be something really cool to bring to the South,’” Caldwell says. “It was a very young craft beer market in the Deep South back then.” While McGehee was still in law school, he and Caldwell began to toss around the idea of starting a brewery. The friends ran with the idea, and Tin Roof Beer was born. Scroll on the image below for a timeline of Tin Roof’s evolution. Gabrielle Braud

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