House panel advances bill eliminating vehicle inspections in Louisiana

    Louisiana lawmakers advanced a bill Monday that would eliminate the state’s annual vehicle inspection sticker requirement, USA Today reports.

    Rep. Larry Bagley’s House Bill 344 passed the House Transportation Committee on a 6-5 vote.

    Eleven states, none of which neighbors Louisiana, require safety inspection stickers, according to Bagley.

    Bagley says inspection stickers don’t have much to do with keeping people safe.

    Inspection station personnel are supposed to conduct safety inspections on everything from cracked windshields that would inhibit vision to headlights, tinted windows and tires.

    The fine for expired inspection stickers can reach $250. 

    Some supporters of Bagley’s bill say nothing will stop police from stopping vehicles with visible safety problems, whether they have updated inspection stickers or not.

    Those who oppose the bill believe annual inspections offer an additional level of safety and advocates for businesses that issue the stickers say they provide yearly accountability.

    The bill will be heard by the House Appropriations Committee because eliminating the stickers would result in a combined $14 million in lost revenue for the Louisiana State Police and Office of Motor Vehicles.

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