Catholic group buys radio station

A local nonprofit has reached a deal to buy WPYR-AM and plans to change the format to a Catholic radio station. David Dawson, executive director of Catholic Community Radio Inc., says the plan is to start offering a mix of local and national content by November, after the FCC approves the sale. “There are a lot of Christian radio stations in the market, but there’s nothing specifically for Catholics,” he says. WPYR will be separate from the Diocese of Baton Rouge, the station will make serving the organization its top priority.

WPYR has gone through a number of format changes over the past few years. For a while, it was the home of the liberal Air America network, and then it was a gospel station. Currently, the station is rebroadcasting WFNO from New Orleans, a Spanish language station. Dawson says Catholic Community has been working on buying WPYR for a year and a half from the current owner, Davidson Media Group. To see Catholic Community’s blog and details about potential programming for WPYR, click here.—Timothy Boone

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