Arts, antique shop to open in Citiplace in October

Baton Rouge Gold and Silver owners Thad and Juliet Ackel plan to open a second business in Citiplace in the coming weeks. Vignette, an arts and antique shop, will open its doors in a 5,600-square-foot space across from Jason’s Deli sometime in October, says Thad Ackel. Vignette will operate as a separate entity from the precious metals business the Ackels opened about two years ago in the same development on Corporate Boulevard. The arts and antiques shop hopes to lease interior space to as many as 20 local vendors carrying “higher-end art, antiques, and interiors,” Ackel says. Some of the space has already been leased. “We’re doing our best to get as many local artists as we can in the space,” he says. In particular, Vignette will spotlight young artists by coordinating with art programs at some Capital Region universities. Ackel hopes to invite chosen students to display their artwork for free—a rare opportunity for budding artists. Ackel is also working on exclusivity with some interior design lines not currently available in the area. —Rachel Alexander

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