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How to create safe workspaces and reimagine work life after the pandemic, from our...

Vaccines, testing, screening: What can companies require of employees returning to the workplace?  What does the post-pandemic workplace look like? And how can companies create greater...

Vaccines, testing, screening: What can employers require of employees to get back to work?

Over 27 million Americans have now received at least a first dose of what are proving to be effective COVID-19 vaccines. While this is extraordinarily welcome news, it raises complex questions about who will return to work, when, and how, including the tricky issue of whether employers can require employees to be vaccinated. Should you require vaccines? What does the law say? And who is exempt? Chase Stoecker, an attorney in McGlinchey Stafford's Labor and Employment group, offers insights.    

Urgent Care COVID-19 Employer Services

During this period of uncertainty created by the COVID-19 virus, Lake Urgent Care/Lake After Hours understands that employers have questions and concerns regarding ways...

Leading by example: Frost-Barber is redesigning workspaces to be post-pandemic compliant, starting with their...

COVID-19 has undeniably changed the way we work and live. Our professional environments must shift as well in order to stay relevant and productive. The top requests we are getting from our customer base right now are to create safer post-pandemic work environments, evaluate the density and proximity of workers to each other, and create functional yet flexible workspaces that will adapt to need.

When recovery becomes reformation

Around the globe, the coronavirus pandemic has changed the way people work and learn on a massive scale. As organizations continue to shift out of crisis mode, it’s crucial for business leaders to review the lessons learned during this time in order to focus on long-term strategic overhauls that we now have the insight to understand and execute. What are the greatest challenges your organization faced during the closure of entire industries and mandatory stay-at-home orders? What processes and resources will your organization need to maintain operations and create greater stability to weather future disruptions? Working through the answers to these questions can help your organization not only recover, but also uncover opportunities for reformation, positioning you for growth and success in the months and years to come. 

How human resource technology cuts business cost in Baton Rouge

Are you trying to cut down on your business expenses this year? Whether it’s an unexpected dip in sales or a significant recession brought on by the global pandemic, businesses are rarely short on incentives to lower their human resources (HR) costs. There’s usually a cost to cost-cutting though. Reducing perks and benefits can hamper recruiting efforts, for example, and the aftermath of layoffs in terms of workforce morale and engagement can be devastating. If you’re looking for a way to cut human resources costs and actually improve your organization simultaneously, implementing HR technology may be your answer. Highflyer Payroll and HR has some tips on how Baton Rouge and other companies nationwide have reaped the benefits.