News alert: Charter power KIPP bids on coming to Baton Rouge

    Four charter schools have submitted applications to the East Baton Rouge Parish Public School Board for 2019 authorization, including the popular KIPP Public Schools, according to nonprofit group New Schools for Baton Rouge.

    In addition, BASIS, Community School for Apprenticeship Learning and Mentorship Academy—all of which already have schools in Baton Rouge—have applied to bring new locations to the Capital City, according to a copy of the New Schools release obtained by Daily Report.

    The deadline to submit charter applications to the school board was March 1. The board has until June 7 to vote on the applications after they are reviewed by an independent evaluator.

    “We have a critical need to expand high-quality options for students in Baton Rouge,” New Schools CEO Chris Meyer says in the statement. “These schools have proven track records of success, and we fully support their applications to the (East Baton Rouge) board.”

    The KIPP application would be for two K-8 schools and one high school. BASIS is asking to build a K-12 school, while CSAL has applied for a K-5 elementary school and Mentorship Academy applied for K-8 and K-12 schools.

    The school system currently has 10 charter schools, four of which opened in 2018. A previous effort by KIPP to enter the Baton Rouge market was rejected by the school board, with opposition led at the time by Pat Smith, now a member of the state legislature.

    New Schools for Baton Rouge was formed in 2012 to recruit and support a new network of high-performing schools in Baton Rouge, which has long had a struggling public school system.

    “All families in Baton Rouge deserve access to more and better options for their students,” Meyer says.

    Daily Report AM will have more details on this story.