The 2017 Best Places to Work in Baton Rouge

The 50 companies on this year’s Best Places to Work list not only demonstrate what it means to care about its employees, but also serve as a model for other businesses to replicate.

There are plenty of good companies to work for in the Capital Region: companies that provide a decent paycheck and basic benefits. And there are also a lot of great companies to work for: companies that go a step further with additional fringe benefits, company events and flexible work schedules.

But it takes a lot more than good salaries, solid benefits packages and the occasional casual Friday to be one of the Capital Region’s Best Places to Work. Companies on the fourth annual list go above and beyond to put their employees first, because they know that if their employees are happy and engaged on the job, then they’ll take ownership of their work and protect the brand—and bottom line—at any cost.

The top-ranked firms on this year’s list of the Best Places to Work in Baton Rouge were unveiled Oct. 11 at an awards ceremony at the Crowne Plaza. Companies vying for the distinction are divided into two categories, one for small and medium-sized companies with between 15 and 249 employees, and another for large companies with 250 or more employees. The law firm of Bienvenu, Bonnecaze, Foco, Viator & Holinga was announced as this year’s No. 1 small and medium-sized company, while the insurance brokerage firm of Brown & Brown of Baton Rouge took top ranking among large companies.

The law firm of Bienvenu, Bonnecaze, Foco, Viator & Holinga landed the top-spot on the small and medium-sized company list. (Photo by Brian Baiamonte)

If you’re lucky enough to be an employee of one of the Best Places to Work, you work hard and you play hard. You get bonuses for exceptional work and tickets to local sporting events, and you look forward to company crawfish boils, holiday parties and a profit sharing check. You might even take a little time out of your work day to get a massage or play a little basketball in the company fitness center—of fish in a stocked pond behind the office.

To compile this year’s list, Business Report once again partnered with the Greater Baton Rouge Society for Human Resource Management to discover what makes a great workplace in our community, as well as provide participating employers insight into what their employees think.

Independent national firm Best Companies Group surveyed companies that chose to participate. For-profit companies and nonprofits, as well as publicly and privately held companies were all eligible to participate, so long as they have a facility in Baton Rouge and a minimum of 15 full- or part-time employees working in the nine-parish Capital Region. Contract employees are not included in employee counts or surveys.

Brown & Brown of Baton Rouge was judged to be the best large company. (Photo by Brian Baiamonte)

To ensure credibility, organizations with fewer than 25 employees are required to have an 80% or better response rate on the employee survey.

The first portion of the assessment involves a questionnaire about company policies, practices, demographics and benefits. The second portion involves a randomly selected group of each company’s employees, who respond—anonymously—to 78 statements on a five-point agreement scale, as well as a handful of open-ended questions and demographic inquiries.

Best Companies Group analyzes and ranks participating firms on eight core focus areas: leadership and planning; corporate culture and communications; role satisfaction; work environment; employees’ relationships with supervisors; training, development and resources; pay and benefits; and overall employee engagement.

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