Crisis communications expert Ann Edelman shares strategies for companies on Strictly Business in May

Your company is experiencing a crisis. How do you manage public perception and minimize reputational damage?

Longtime crisis communications expert and award-winning campaign strategist Ann Edelman will join Business Report‘s Strictly Business webcast in May to discuss best practices and strategies. She is vice president of Public Relations and Media at Zehnder Communications.

Zehnder Vice President Ann Edelman
Zehnder Vice President Ann Edelman

Clients regularly seek her expertise when responding to challenging news scenarios like workplace accidents, government regulatory violations, wrongdoing by company executives, homicide and criminal cases, and high-profile litigation. Her crisis communications experience includes working with an NFL franchise and NBC’s canceled 2015 Miss USA Pageant coverage. She has worked extensively with disaster-related communications, including Louisiana’s historic flooding in 2016, the 2010 BP oil spill, and several Gulf Coast hurricanes.

Over the past 35 years, she has accumulated an extraordinarily diverse client résumé involving virtually every aspect of paid and earned media. She focuses on top-level account strategy, media relations, and crisis communications while serving as an invaluable resource for clients in various industries and PR applications.

Her experience includes both sides of the media desk. She spent several years as operations manager for a top-rated news-talk radio station and knows the news media’s needs and expectations firsthand. She has serviced clients in legal, tourism, hospitality, health care, quick-service restaurants, insurance, banking, oil and gas, and hospice care. Her industry honors include national promotion awards for Pepsi-Cola USA and multiple Telly awards.

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