Workplace etiquette

When working with others in a professional environment, it’s important that you present yourself in a way that makes a good impression on others and that will allow you to advance in your workplace. If your job involves collaborating with other team members and employees, there are some skills you can work on to help things go more smoothly and show that you know how to be a team player. Having a positive attitude is crucial, and it can encourage those you work with to adopt a similar attitude and create a more positive workplace for all. Sherry Blair, CEO of ISIS Innovative Specialists Inspirational Services, shares three important workplace etiquette practices to help you further your career.

Some people think it’s acceptable to check their email messages and text messages while they’re in work meetings. Even if these emails and texts are work-related, it is disrespectful to your co-workers because you are not giving them your full attention and your actions are distracting. Put away your phone during meetings and catch up on emails after the meeting is over. Remember, you are not an on-demand channel.

If you’re having a meeting with multiple co-workers, avoid having it in your cubicle, where you will distract close-by workers with your talking. Instead, try moving into a conference room or a break room where you won’t disturb others. Be respectful of others’ workspace.

Everyone makes mistakes in the work- place from time to time. If you were the one who erred, own up to it. Don’t lay the blame on others you were working with or make excuses; just take responsibility for your actions and learn from the experience. Be accountable. By doing so, you set the tone and contribute to an honest culture in your workplace. Honesty builds trust, and trust is required in all relationships in order for them to flourish.

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