News alert: Jindal vetoes bills for Juban Crossing TIF, surrogacy

Gov. Bobby Jindal has for the second straight year vetoed a bill approved by the Legislature that would have used taxpayer dollars to help finance infrastructure at the planned Juban Crossing mixed-use development in Livingston Parish. In a letter issued today explaining the veto, Jindal says he is vetoing Senate Bill 50 by Dale Erdey because it would divert funds away from the state general fund. The bill would have created a fund for the project into which 1% of the state’s 4% sales tax generated on retail sales in the district would have been deposited. The maximum benefit would have been $45 million. Also today, Jindal vetoed a bill that would have set a new legal and regulatory framework for surrogacy births in the state. The surrogacy bill was one of the more contentious bills of the session because religious groups raised ethical and moral concerns. Louisiana law currently has few regulations governing surrogacy. Jindal also vetoed today a bill that would have allowed construction of a private hotel and other developments around the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. The governor is expected this evening to post on his website a full list of bills signed and vetoed today.

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