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[Sponsored] 3 ways to plan for a retirement full of life

Planning for retirement is more than just saving your money. It’s planning for all of life’s changes and prioritizing so you can live life your way. St. James Place has tips from financial professionals to help turn your years of hard work into the retirement you want.

Faces of Family Business: General Paper Company

General Paper Company was founded in 1946 as a paper and cleaning supplies distributor.

Faces of Family Business: GEO Heat Exchangers

GEO Heat Exchangers was established to fill the need for high-quality, fastturnaround heat exchanger repair and fabrication.

Faces of Family Business: Louis Mechanical Contractors

In 1960, Louis “Scobie” DeJohn and his wife Katherine “Nu” DeJohn founded Louis Mechanical Contractors with four employees.

Brand your space: Local offices get a functional facelift

Offices aren't just offices anymore. They are branded spaces that influence a client's behavior. Take a peek at the before and afters—you won't believe the difference.

[Sponsored] For the Record: Specialty Welding and Turnarounds (SWAT)

CEO Johnny Holifield shares the latest from Specialty Welding and Turnarounds (SWAT) both on and off the record.

Redefining your life: Answering the call to finding happiness in your career

Furloughed or even entirely unemployed, find out how many are seizing the opportunity and applying their skills and experience to a new career path that finally brings them fulfillment.

[Sponsored] Firestarters: 3 common causes of fire at work and how to prevent them

Louisiana Fire Extinguisher, Inc. CEO Sarah Grace Brooks shares some simple actions that could prevent a fire at work.

Come together: Building positive brand recognition through community outreach

Reconnecting your team will help get things back on track and can even generate some positive brand recognition for your business. Find out how to get back to normal while making a difference.

[Sponsored] Come back stronger: Free resources to improve employee skills and build stand-out resumes

When fishermen can’t go out to sea, they repair their nets. Now is the time to gain practical skills and knowledge to come back stronger and more valuable than before with free resources from the East Baton Rouge Parish Library.