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White Paper Series: Stop wasting time & money on unproductive meetings

American employees collectively attend some 55 million meetings a day and it’s estimated that the annual cost of them—when weighted with the average salary...

White Paper Series: How to land the perfect intern

Two years into law school, Emily Umhoefer couldn’t decide on which type of law she wanted practice. Looking for clarity, she turned to an...
Work Life Balance

White Paper Series: Enabling work/life balance for employees

Since taking over the local outdoors store his father founded in 1974, Michael Mathews has tripled the revenue of The Backpacker and expanded the...
Houston Astros

White Paper Series: 5 business lessons from the Astros

After 56 years without a championship, the Houston Astros finally hit on the right formula for success in 2017 and won their first World...
Business Loan

White Paper Series: Negotiate a better business loan

Securing a business loan is vital for any startup or company looking to expand. But sometimes the process can be so daunting that borrowers...