River House developers list office building for sale

The River House on Nicholson Drive is expected to open in early 2017.

The developers of the River House mixed-use development on Nicholson Drive are offering their 34,000-square-foot office building for sale, after efforts to lease the building have proven more difficult than originally anticipated.

The three-story building, which is still under construction, is available for lease at an annual rate of some $26.50 per square foot, according to a listing in the Louisiana Commercial Database, or about $900,000 per year.

But it’s now also available to buyers. Realtor Ty Gose says developers Marc Blumberg and Manny Organek will evaluate any offers to purchase or lease and see what makes the most sense.

“We’ve been working on getting some leases done in there for the past several months and we’ve had some activity but the downtown market is softer now and we just haven’t gotten what we wanted,” Gose says. “So they want to float it out there to see if there is a user that is interested in purchasing the building.”

Daily Report has the full story. 

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