News alert: ‘We’re back,’ St. George organizers declare

Declaring “we’re back,” organizers of the St. George incorporation movement filed the necessary paperwork with the Louisiana Secretary of State’s office this morning to begin a second effort to create an independent city.

Those behind the effort are remaining quiet, but the group posted a video on its Facebook page—entitled “Sign St. George for a Better Baton Rouge”—outlining the history of the incorporation effort and why they’re back for a second attempt. The group’s initial bid to create an independent city and school district in suburban southeast Baton Rouge failed in 2015 when the courts ruled invalidated signatures left their petition short of the number required to trigger an incorporation election.

“(We were) silenced by a system determined to maintain the status quo,” says the narrator in the video.

Details remain unclear, but multiple sources say this incorporation effort will cover a smaller geographic area, removing areas where residents displayed little support during the first bid or have since been incorporated by Baton Rouge.

Daily Report has the full story. 

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