Kleinpeter ‘on the cusp of making money again’

Kleinpeter milk (file photo)

Three years after quality control problems affecting the taste and shelf life of Kleinpeter’s milk prompted huge losses in revenue and market share for the company, the local dairy is again on sound financial footing—though it is not quite yet turning a profit.

“We’re on the cusp of making money again,” says Kleinpeter Vice President Kenny Kleinpeter, who runs the family business with his sister, president Sue Anne Kleinpeter Cox. “It’s a dramatic turnaround from a couple of years ago.”

Earlier this spring, the 104-year-old dairy leased 30 new delivery trucks and four new tractor trailers. It is also planning to repurpose its dormant ice cream processing facility and convert it into a milk production area.

The dairy suspended ice cream production in late 2014 and officially killed the line in 2015 after nearly seven years in operation. Kenny Kleinpeter says the unused space is badly needed for additional milk production and processing.

Daily Report has the full story. 

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