News alert: King Alexander submits resignation from Oregon State

Oregon State sexual harassment
F. King Alexander has resigned from Oregon State for actions during his tenure leading LSU.

Just nine months into his tenure as president of Oregon State University, F. King Alexander has submitted his resignation, effective April 1, after coming under fire for the way he handled reports of sexual abuse and misconduct while president of LSU from 2013-2019.

At a special meeting this morning of the OSU Board of Trustees, Board Chair Rani Borkar announced that Alexander submitted his resignation Sunday, just four days after a seven-hour session at which the board voted to place him on probation until June, while OSU conducted its own investigation into his handling of Title IX violations at LSU.

But that decision prompted outrage from OSU faculty, students, and survivors of sexual assault and violence, which caused the board to rethink its decision and call today’s meeting, Borkar said. In the meantime, Alexander offered to step down.

“When we adjourned last week, we believed it was possible for President Alexander to repair the broken confidence and trust in his ability to lead OSU,” Borkar said. “We now know rebuilding trust is no longer possible. … Simply stated: Dr. Alexander no longer has the confidence of the OSU community.”

The board was meeting behind closed doors to discuss accepting his resignation. Read Daily Report PM for details.