Cajun Navy offshoot launches crowdfunding site to help Louisiana flood victims

An offshoot of the Cajun Navy—the group of Louisiana residents who took it upon themselves to rescue victims of last August’s flood with their own fishing boats—has rolled out an online crowdfunding platform to aid the protracted struggles of flood victims.

Rob Gaudet, a software engineer who helped organize and direct the impromptu rescue efforts following the flood, designed CrowdRelief, a website that creates personal narratives for flood victims and matches them with online donors.

The goal, he says, is to attract an influx of small donations to replace appliances, furniture and other household items that can fall through the cracks of government disaster relief.

“It kind of hit me that this is going to be something a lot of folks are going to need,” Gaudet says. “The piles of stuff you saw on the side of the road … all of those things are going to need to be replaced.”

Daily Report has the full story.

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