Rose Hudson – President/CEO, Louisiana Lottery Corporation

“The most powerful advice that I have received wasn’t really directed at me. It came from Ossie Davis in his role as “The Mayor” in the movie Do the Right Thing. He admonishes “Mookie,” played by director Spike Lee, “Doctor, always do the right thing.” So simple, yet so powerful for me. That was 1989, right as I was completing graduate school and beginning my career. My youthful self had a Do the Right Thing T-shirt, and I even made it my screensaver for several years. As I have matured professionally, the decisions have become more complex and nuanced, but I often think back to “The Mayor,” as if he was telling me, “Rose, do the right thing.”


Hudson has been in her present position for eight years, and an employee of the Louisiana Lottery Corp. for 14 years. She has also served as an assistant superintendent at the Louisiana Department of Education, undersecretary at the Louisiana Department of Social Services, and a fiscal analyst with the Legislative Fiscal Office.

Hudson, a 1989 public administration graduate of the LSU E. J. Ourso College of Business, is a 2014 inductee into the college’s Hall of Distinction. On March 27, she received an Esprit de Femme award from the LSU Women’s Center, which “honors individuals who elevate the status of women in the community through their contributions to the arts, education, health care, business and industry, charity and civic engagement,” LSU says.

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