Residents moving into first phase of Harveston


    The first few residents have moved into the first filing of The Preserve at Harveston, John Fetzer and Mike Wampold’s traditional neighborhood development straddling the Bluebonnet Extension at Nicholson Drive. Several other homes have been pre-sold in the 93-lot first filing and are nearing completion. Meanwhile, walls are going up at the clubhouse, red-rock nature trails are being laid, and finishing touches are being added to the pigeonniere that will mark the entrance to the development. The project illustrates that building a TND from the ground up isn’t easy. How do you create a sense of place out of raw dirt before all the pieces are in place? Fetzer, who’s overseeing the development of Harveston, concedes the hardest part is getting the first few homes off the ground and sold. Now that he has managed that, he expects activity to pick up quickly. “We have a lot of prospects right now and many more that are close to making a purchase,” he says. Most of the activity is with homes in the $350,000 range and involves pre-sales of spec homes that “will be customized to a certain extent,” he says. “What it amounts to is the buyers have elected to have a home built on a particular lot and made some changes or customized a few things to get exactly what they want.” Groundwork on the 105-lot second filing of The Preserve has also gotten underway since the plans were approved last fall. —Stephanie Riegel