Entrepreneur: Logan Leger


    COMPANY: NewAperio
    WHAT THEY DO: Create and market apps for the burgeoning new mobile technology market for products such as the iPhone, iPad, Android and Web
    REVENUE: To reach $1 million in 2012
    NEXT GOAL: Help fellow entrepreneurs take ideas for apps and turn them into reality

    After a grinding five-hour session a few years ago on designing a circuit diagram, a light came on for Logan Leger. At the time, he was a 20-year-old LSU student who was following a computer engineering path. He says that light, which arrived at 4 a.m., redirected his life. “I started to realize that sitting around in a cubicle wasn’t something I wanted to do,” he says. “I wanted to do something that helped people find their passion through the mobile and Web app space. Once I realized this was what I wanted to do with my life, I told myself, ‘Let’s take it from an idea to reality.’”

    Leger conferred with his friend and business partner Evan Cordell. Together, they set up their company and began creating concepts of what they wanted the business model to be. They produced an app called Twoschedule to assist with their busy lives. When that “didn’t exactly take off,” Leger and Cordell stepped back and reassessed where they wanted their dream to go. “We saw these gaps in the current app and Web product space and said, ‘Hey, we think that the product we’ve dreamed of would be really cool here, so let’s create it.’” In March 2011, Leger and Cordell refocused their efforts on the goals for which the company currently aims, with the idea of “becoming the premier app provider in the entire Southeast.”

    As basic as it sounds, Leger, now 22, says the evolution of NewAperio has taught him that hard work and sticking to a plan make goals realistically attainable. The initial launch didn’t achieve what he had hoped for after a modest $200 investment, but Leger has relied on versatility and persistence to make his dream stay alive. “The reaction has been incredibly positive. We changed our business model and shifted it to go with the flow of the market. That was a huge learning opportunity. Failure is inevitable along the way, and that’s how you learn. We were able to take those failures and make them a learning experience and turn this into a growing, sustainable and profitable company.”

    “It’s been an incredible and crazy ride. It’s humbling to think that a few years ago this company didn’t exist. We started this company with zero dollars in revenue and brought it to the point where it’s really ready to grow. This is what I was born to do, and I was fortunate to figure that out.”