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In Louisiana, sinus issues are a struggle for a great many people. Sinus and Nasal Specialists of Louisiana LLC is a medical practice dedicated to the treatment of allergies, infections, tumors, and other complex problems of the nose and sinuses.

The specialists at Sinus and Nasal Specialists have completed accredited fellowships in Rhinology. They are the only dedicated rhinology practice in the Southeast U.S. Additionally, Dr. Henry Barham and Dr. Christian Hall offer a full-service allergy clinic with the most sophisticated allergy testing and treatment strategies available today.

Rhinology is an ear, nose, and throat subspecialty focused exclusively on disorders of the nose, sinuses, and skull base—the area between the sinuses and brain. Through the use of minimally invasive endoscopy in the clinic, doctors are able to appropriately diagnose and better manage complex problems.

Rhinology is a relatively new field that has significantly progressed over the last decade with technological advances that improve treatment visualization. Endoscopy and other minimally invasive techniques afford access to hard-to-reach anatomy while avoiding facial incisions and scars. Recovery time is quicker, post-operative pain and discomfort is reduced, and other therapies, such as radiation therapy, can be started sooner.

Although often thought to be the same, the nasal cavity and sinus cavities are separate from one another. The nasal cavity allows for the passage of airflow to the lungs acting as both a humidifier and filter to airborne irritants. Sinus cavities actually consist of four separate regions, located below the eyes (maxillary sinuses), between the eyes (ethmoid sinuses), above the eyes (frontal sinuses), and behind the eyes (sphenoid sinuses). Located right next to our sinuses are critical and vital structures such as the brain, base of the skull, the orbit, the optic nerve, and the carotid artery just to name a few.

Endoscopic sinus surgery for inflammatory conditions has also advanced. The refinement of techniques has made this an outpatient procedure for most patients. There is no traditional packing in the nose after surgery. Bleeding is significantly less, and recovery is faster and more comfortable.

Patients benefit from improved accuracy of diagnosis and management, and patient outcomes are far superior to traditional management strategies in Otolaryngology (ENT).

Because rhinology problems can be complicated, detailed assessments are made during your visit to ensure the correct diagnosis.

Sinus & Nasal Specialists is located at 8585 Picardy Ave., Suite 512, in Baton Rouge. Reach them at (225) 819-1181, or online at sinusandnasalspecialists.com.