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Legal Trends and Insights for Business

Telehealth: From crisis response to cornerstone of healthcare

Have we firmly established the role of telehealth as an ongoing, effective tool in the delivery of healthcare services, particularly in the face of physician shortages and issues facing rural, underserved, and otherwise hard-to-reach populations?

Juvenile mediation: It’s not just for kids

Mediation is one of the best-known and most used techniques of the whole arena known as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Practices. Still, it has yet to be used to its fullest advantage and in all the areas of law in Louisiana as it has been and continues to be throughout the world. 

Change is on the way for employment law, and not just because of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis brought some things to a standstill, but it didn’t stop big developments in employment law.

Unfortuitous, fortuitous events: Force Majeure in Louisiana

A refresher on the interpretation of contractual force majeure provisions and the scheme for addressing “fortuitous events” in the Louisiana Civil Code may be helpful to business owners—particularly considering Hurricane Laura and a possible “second wave” of COVID-19.

Do It Yourself: Lawyers beware when forming your LLC

Before you decide to be a “Do It Youself Lawyer” in forming your LLC, it's important to consider the implications.

Trust the law: No other institution of government is nearly as accurate or wise...

Everyone has a stake in the justice system. It affects all of society, from a person in small claims court to the prisoner facing...
California Consumer Privacy Act

California’s new consumer privacy law goes into effect January 1: Why should you care?

A tidal wave is coming, but not from the Gulf of Mexico. A new California law will soon wash over businesses throughout the country,...

Filling the gap: Economic Development Districts fuel long-term growth in Louisiana

Today, over 50 Economic Development Districts in Louisiana provide developers and governmental bodies much-needed dollars to finance new projects without any obligation to repay the funding.