Take a tour inside DNA Workshop’s swanky new digs

DNA Workshop
235 S. 14th St.
Photography by Tim Mueller
Owner/developer: 235 South 14th Street LLC
Architect: DNA Workshop
Contractor: Patriot Industries
Cost: Would not disclose
Year completed: 2013

Use: It’s no surprise that an architecture firm would shoot for the stars when looking to establish a swanky new office space in the Capital Region. Baton Rouge-based DNA Workshop took an aging cold storage warehouse on South 14th Street in Mid City and transformed it into a vibrant space that still maintains the building’s vintage character by using much of its existing structure and materials. A new open courtyard in the center—created by removing part of the building’s roof—offers natural light for the surrounding office spaces. The redesign won a host of awards, including the 2014 American Institute of Architects Baton Rouge Silver Rose Award and Member’s Choice Award.

Form follows function: “I am proud of this project for numerous reasons, and I am particularly proud of the team that worked with me to put it together. It turned out to be a project that truly reflects our personality as a firm. The building had great bones, and our team was able to see possibilities that were not obvious. It is truly a workshop and is by no means finished, but that is what makes it so great for us. We can test ideas, build stuff and enjoy our work environment without having to worry about it getting dirty or things getting broken. We encourage innovation, and this is the perfect space to be creative.”

—Dyke Nelson, founder/owner, DNA Workshop

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