Outdoor kitchen: The eye of the Tiger

The outdoor kitchen of Mike and Debbie Corsentino.

(Photos by Charlene Guilliams)

Neighborhood: Country Club of Louisiana

Year built: 2014

Designer: Jared Jones of Angelo’s Lawn-Scape

Size: 540 square feet

Favorite features:

• The reclaimed “dirty top” pine beams overhead give the kitchen an overall rustic look, with pop-out shutters adorning the windows and gas lanterns hanging along the brick posts.

• The open kitchen layout is perfect for entertaining guests, with built-in kitchen appliances—including a grill, burner, drink cooler and ice maker—adjacent to a seating area surrounding a cozy brick fireplace.

• Decorative vintage items, such as fishing rods and reels belonging to his wife Debbie’s grandfather, an old stovetop coffee pot and a bow Coresentino made in high school, add character and an outdoorsy vibe to the space.

“We enjoy our outdoor kitchen because it’s a really neat place to gather with family and friends for any kind of social event and family gathering. Home is a special place so build it to support your lifestyle—that’s exactly what we did.”

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