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2022 Real Estate Report

2022 Real Estate Report

Real Estate Report: Lingering effects

Hot markets, fueled by limited supply and high demand, are the story with most real estate sectors, but rising interest rates and inflation are cautionary flags.
Residential real estate

Single family: Strength in numbers

The residential sector is hot and experts say rising rates and higher prices won’t be enough in the short term to chill the market.

Residential trend: A demanding situation

The cost of buying a home is making entry-level ownership unaffordable for many, which is now putting upward pressure on rent rates.

Multifamily: A quick pivot

Demand for apartments is suddenly surging, countering years of warnings about an overbuilt market, but will the boom last?
office market

Commercial: A seismic shift

The pandemic upended the office market and even as business gets back to normal changes are still happening.
commercial office space

Commercial: Class A office space

A listing of the available multistory Class A office buildings in the Baton Rouge market.
retail real estate

Retail: On the rebound

Retail was the hardest-hit segment during the pandemic but the sector is rebounding as investors look to purchase properties in a tight market.
industrial real estate

Industrial: In need of supply

The industrial sector is significantly underbuilt in the region, making it harder for companies to expand or be recruited to the market.