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2021 Real Estate Report

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Baton Rouge real estate comes to post-pandemic life

While most real estate sectors are rebounding as expected, experts are trying to make sense of the inexplicable surge in residential activity.
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Single family: Suddenly a seller’s market

The single family residential sector is seeing a surge in activity—and prices—as pent-up demand and low interest rates meet delays in new construction and tighter supply.

Multifamily: An uncertain future

The pandemic didn’t wreak the predicted havoc on multifamily, but apartment inventory far outstrips demand and there aren’t nearly enough new jobs on the horizon to absorb it.
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Commercial: Office workplace disruption

Pandemic restrictions are ending but will enough workers return to stabilize what was already a soft office market?
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Retail: Intact but not unscathed

The pandemic didn’t crush the retail market, but it did accelerate worrisome trends that were already underway—especially on the e-commerce front.
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Industrial: Land of opportunity

There were challenges but the strength of the industrial real estate sector withstood them all and now faces a promising future.