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Lacey Conway is taking over

Meet the South Louisiana woman who's now in the top spot at a company with $4.5 billion in sales last year. The advice she lives by? Don't be afraid to make a decision.
Renee Chatelain

Renee Chatelain is building an arts hub

This year, she oversees what is arguably the Arts Council’s biggest project yet.
3 things to know

3 things to know: Kodi Guillory

3 things to know: Kodi Guillory is the president of Sustainable Design Solutions, a Baton Rouge-based civil engineering firm

LSU’s Kristine DeLong leads a team studying climate change

The LSU paleoclimatologist and other Gulf Coast scientists are examining coral's past to determine what its future may hold.

Where is she now? Erin Monroe Wesley is moving up

After stints in nonprofit and politics, she's back in the private sector as a regional VP.
Executive Spotlight

Executive Spotlight: Billy Bellefontaine

Executive Spotlight: Billy Bellefontaine, named president of Brown Eagle Contractors in November, plans to be aggressive in expanding the business.

Entrepreneur: Jennifer Mellard

Entrepreneur: Jennifer Mellard is the founder and owner of Baton Rouge-based Gold Coast Traditions, an organic dry mix food product company.

Entrepreneur: Brian Pangburn

Entrepreneur: Brian Pangburn is principal and CEO of The Pangburn Group, which provides recordkeeping for non-qualified benefit plan and employer-owned life insurance.
Executive Spotlight

Executive Spotlight: Steven Ceulemans

Executive Spotlight: Steve Ceulemans, appointed as executive director of the Baton Rouge Health District in July, wants to recruit health care and bio tech companies to the district.

Leslie Rose and ‘The Picture of Health’

'This is about enabling people to share their own stories.'